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RT 244 ch 33,34study

extra study questions

The lethal effects of radiation are determined by: observing cell survival
An interaction between radiation and cellular components occur: randomly
Direct ionizing effect is more likely to occur with: high LET
What are examples of main-chain scission? 1.one side rail severed 2.subsequent cross-linking 3.both side rails severed
The maximum number of hits will be produced by _____ effect with ______ LET. direct/high
What type of damage will destroy the triplet code and may not be reversible? point mutations/molecular lesion of DNA
Higher LET ____ the oxygen effect. decreases
Point lesions are thought to be the cellular radiation damage that results in: stochastic effects
The average dose required to cause death is? mean lethal dose
What are characteristics of a free radical? 1.chemically unstable 2.highly reactive 3.lifetime of less than 1 ms
During radiolysis, what is the most damaging product to human cell that can be made from joining of OH free radicals? hydrogen peroxide
What is the normal proliferation rate of a normal human cell? 24hrs
Created by: Chrslarsen