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K Pelvic girdle &hip


name the bones that make up the pelvic girdle os coxae (hip bone), coccyx, sacrum
what mm makes attachment to the iliac fossa? iliopsoas
what 2 mm directly tie into the iliotibial band? gluteus maximus, tensor fascia latae
the acetabulum is made up of what 3 bones? ilium, ischium, pubis
3 ligaments reinforce the capsule of the hip. which is the most important ligament to the prevention of hip ext? iliofemoral
the insertion of the iliopsoas mm is the: lesser trochanter
actions of the sartorius mm at the hip: flexion, abduction, external rotation (tailor sitting)
what nerve innervates the 3 adductor mm- longus, brevis & magnus? obturator
the prime abductor of the hip is gluteus medius
in the case of the right pelvis dropping when the right foot is in the swing phase of gait (right foot of the ground), which abductor is showing weakness? left
what is the innervation of the rectus femoris? femoral
name the action of the piriformis hip external rotation
what rotation of the hip would stretch the piriformis mm? internal
what is the origin of the sartorius? ASIS
posterior pelvic tilt is accomplished with which of the following mm groups? hip ext & trunk flexors
nutation of the SI jt can occur with: trunk flexion, hip extension
what pelvic girdle movement takes place in the transverse plane around the vertical axis? rotation
when the left pelvis rotates forward, what associated hip motion takes place at the right hip? (transverse plane motion-stepping fwd with left leg) medial rotation
when the individual rotates the pelvis in a posterior direction, what motion occurs at the hips? (posterior pelvic tilt) extension
if a person maintained a posture in which the pelvis was tilted excessively in an anterior position, what mm groups would tend to be tight? (ant pelvic tilt) hip flexors, trunk extensors
what hip motions occur in the sagittal plane flexion, extension
most of the hamstring mm are innervated by the: sciatic nerve
which mm make attachment on or near the greater trochanter of the femur? gluteus max, medius & minimus
as the lumbar lordosis increases, what is the affect on the lumbosacral angle? increases also
the origin of the rectus femoris is: AIIS
all of the mm listed below are primarily adductors of the hip joint. however, which mm because of its origin could possibly aid with hip extension? adductor magnus
which of the following mm can perform internal rotation of the hip? gluteus minimus
select 2 mm listed below that have dual innervation biceps femoris, adductor magnus
name the average range of motion for hip flexion 120-125
name the average range of motion for hip extension 0-15
name the average range of motion for hip ext rotation 45
name the average range of motion for hip internal rotation 45
name the average range of motion for hip abduction 45
name the average range of motion for hip adduction 15-25
T or F anteversion of the femus can lead to a "toe-in" gait pattern true
T or F when the angle of inclination is greater than the normal 125 degrees this is called coax valgus true
Created by: jessigirrl4
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