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Simple Machines

A machine is a tool used to change a force. It makes work easier.

Inclined Plane A slanted plane resting on a triangular base. It has no moving parts. It is used to move things from low to high. The steeper the incline the more effort is needed.
Wheel and Axle A simple machine in the shape of a circle that turns on a rod. The rod is called an axle. The job of the wheel and axle is to move something.
Gears Gears are an example of a wheel and axle, but the wheel has teeth to catch at the teeth of another gear.
Screw An inclined plane wrapped around a tube. It is use to help things together, make holes, or to lift things.
Fulcrum A ____________ is what the lever rests on and turns or pivots on.
Pulley A simple machine used to move an object up and down or side to side. It has a wheel with a grove for the rope or chain to pull the load. A pulley is a type of 1st class lever.
Lever It multiplies the effort to make lifting and moving things easier. It has three parts; load, the effort, and the fulcrum.
Wedge Two inclined planes put together designed to hold things in place or to cut to split something apart.
Effort The ___________ is the thing that is pushing or pulling the load.
Load The ___________ is what is being lifted or moved, it can also be called the resistance.
Work _________ is done when a force acts on an object and moves it over a distance.
Machine __________ provided ways to get food, shelter, and protection, and ways to make work easier.
Acceleration ____________ is speeding up, as when a ball rolls down a hill.
Deceleration _____________ is slowing down, as when the brake is applied in a car.
Mechanical Forces ___________ are a force created by the movement of an object over a distance. These forces help us to do work.
Advantages of using simple machines The _____________________ of using simple machines are that they make work easier for us to do.
Speed _________ is the measure of how far something travels in a certain period of time.
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