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RWG help allows you to look at the help troubleshooting for tool ussage
name one thing the setting button allows you to change voice and speed of reading
what does the vocabulary tool do makes a picture board
what does the collect highlights tool do collects the information and puts it into a bibliography
what does the study skills highlighters do highlights individual words phrases or sentances
what is one feature of the translators translates words and phrases
what does the fact finder do it is a quick way to find facts
the stop reading tool does what stops any reading
what do reading tools do reads any digital text to you
who is quade roney the coolest most awsome person ever and all of humanity should bow to him as there king
picture dictionary finds what pictures for facts
dictionary tool does what finds definitions
what does the voice note tool do makes a voice note and puts it in a microsoft word document
what does the PDF tool do opens adobe reader
what languages does the transleter tool translate in french spanish italian and german
speech input does what it allows you to easily make a document by speaking into a microphone
what is another name for the screen masking tool the ADHD tool
what is a very close thing to the fact mapper tool inspiration
what does the fact folder do maps all of your facts and makes a bibiliography
Screen Masking Tool Aka The ADHD tool
Speech Input • This tool allows you to easily create documents by dictating into a microphone connected to your computer. Uses
Translator • can choose: French Spanish Italian German
PDF Aloud • Open your PDF document. PDF Aloud Toolbar • On the ___________________________, (located in Tools/plugin in Adobe 10, 11 or later) select ‘click & speak’. • Use the small arrow button to open options to change voice and speed
Study Skills Tools • use the Collect Highlights tool to collect all highlights into a Word document with bibliography and sorted by color Good for collecting facts that must happen immediately vs over time (Fact Folder better for long term project
Vocabulary Tool • Use the buttons on this toolbar To highlight and collect sections of text Good for collecting facts that must happen immediately vs over time (Fact Folder better for long term projects)
Vocabulary Tool AKA The Picture Board Tool
Word Cloud Tool • Used selected text or word banks to create and display a Word cloud/list / word bank for use when writing, filling in worksheets or taking tests
Voice Note Tool Microsoft Word Document • Record a voice note and insert into a
Dictionary tool • Select a word then click the dictionary icon to see a definition of the word • You can listen to the definitions with the Play button on the Reading tool
Picture Dictionary • Select a word then click on the Picture Dictionary icon to see a picture of the word in the corner of your screen • You can double click on any picture to add it to your Word document
Play/Reading Tool • place your cursor where you wish the text to be spoken. Click this button to hear it read aloud.
Pause/Reading Tool • click this button if you wish to have the speaking temporarily pause. Click Pause again to continue reading
Stop/Reading Tool • click this button to stop any speech
Fact Finder • Shortcut to do quick web search directly from RWG toolbar
Translator • Click this button to open the single word translator, and then select a word to have it translated. • Set translation settings/language in Settings first
Study Skills Highlighters • Highlight individual words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs. • Select word(s), click highlighter color
Vocabulary (aka Picture Board Tool) • Collects all invidually highlighted words into another document as a picture board with word, definition and image
Created by: wroney
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