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Lit Test 3

drama unit

playwright author of a play
drama story written to be preformed by actors
theater a place where plays are preformed
script a written play including diologe, stage directions, and senery
act units of action in a drama
scenes a section of uniteruppted action
actors people who preform a play
cast set of actors
dialogue a conversation between 2 character
Dramatic Speech advances action (most common type of speech)
monologue long speech by character reveals private thought and feeling
props small moveable objects actors use to make there actions realistic
set/senery A term uses for that construction on stage that suggests that time and place
summery a brif statement that presents only the main ideas
stage directions sets of info that descridbe the senery and how charaters sound move and speak
radio plays plays that are preformed on the radio
screenplays scripes written for film with different camera angles
teleplays scripts written for television
tradegy play that often results castasttophe for the main character
comedy a work that is light and funny that ends happily
fluster nevous
sluggishly lacking energy
persistently firmly and steadly
defeat boldly resisting
metamorphosis change in form
scapegoat a person who gets blamed for the chrime of others
imploered begged
morose gloomy, ill-temper
destitute used as people living in proverty
void emptiness
conveyed made known
benevolence kindliness
snuff extinguishes put out
suitors men who seek to marry a women
astonish amaze
compulsion irresisible force
severe harsh
meage small amount
audible loud enough to be heard
humbug nonsense
farthing small britsh coin
Created by: Evie1290
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