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Chapter 14

A usually large thunderstorm with a single violent updraft that can maintain itself for many hours supercell storm
The initial stage of an ordinary thunderstorm cumulus
The Leading edge of a thunderstorm's downdraft gust front
A relatively small downburst, less than 4km wide microburst
Thunderstorm with a cluster of cells at various stages of their lifecycle multicell thunderstorm
This often looks like a luminous sphere that appears to float in the air of dart for several seconds ball lightning
An ordinary air mass thunderstorm is most intense during this stage mature
This is caused by an aircraft flying faster than the speed of sound sonic boom
Individual thunderstorms that organize into a large, circular, long lasting convective weather system Mesoscale Convective Complex
The rising spinning column of air inside a supercell thunderstorm mesocyclone
Cloud that often forms along the leading edge of a gust front shelf cloud
Downdrafts throughout an ordinary cell thunderstorm are most like to occur in this stage dissipating
A second surge of electrons that proceeds from the base of a cloud toward t he ground dart leader
Corona discharge and bluish halo that may appear above pointed objects St. Elmo's fire
Rather weak, short-lived tornadoes that often form with building cumulus congestus cloud landspout
When a tornado is spotted the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning
A discharge of electricity from or within a cumulonimbus cloud is lightning
The sound produced by rapidly expanding air along the channel of a lightning stroke is called thunder
Scattered isolated summer thunderstorms that are not severe are called ordinary air mass thunderstorms
In cloud to ground lightning the stepped leader travels____ and the return stroke travels ____ downward, upward
A lightning stroke is seen and 5 seconds later thunder is heard. This means that the lightning stroke how many miles away? 1 mile
When viewing a supercell thunderstrom from the southeast the most likely place for a tornado to develop is in what section of the thunderstorm? southwest section
Ordinary air mass thunderstorm are most likely to form during what time of the day afternoon
Lightning associated with thunderstorm that are too far away for the thunder to be heard is referred to as ____ lightning heat lightning
When it appears that tornadoes are likely to form in a particular area the national weather service issues a ___________ tornado watch
On the Enhanced Fujita Scale the strongest most powerful tornado is classified as EF ____ EF5
A funnel cloud is composed mainly of cloud droplets
When caught in a in a thunderstorm in an open field, the best thing to do is to crouch down as low as possible
When lightning illuminates the cloud in which it occurs but its flash can not be seen the lightning is called sheet lightning
In a region where supercell thunderstorms with tornadoes are forming youwould not expect to observe a strong ridge of high pressure
The majority of tornadoes tend to move form southwest to northwest
The downdraft in an ordinary cell thunderstorm is created mainly by evaporating raindrops that make the air cold and heavy
Tornadoes most frequently form in the afternoon
Damage is usually most severe during a tornado's mature stage
You would most likely expect to see Saint Elmo's fire at the top of a tall dead tree
The funnel cloud characteristic of a tornado is primarily formed by condensation of a water vapor that is drawn into the low pressure core of the tornado
In the United States the greatest annual frequency of hail occurs in the Central Plains
In the United States the greatest annual number of thunderstorms occurs in Florida
The Tornado Belt or Tornado Alley of the United States is located in the Central Plains
For a thunderstorm to spawn a tornado the updraft in the cloud must rotate
The majority of waterspouts have rotating winds of less than 45 knots
Which below would be the largest in actual size mesoscale convective complex
The so called lightning capital of the United States is found in Florida
CAPE is a measure of how much energy is available to produce updrafts in a thunderstorm
In a supercell thunderstorm hail may actually fall from the base of the anvil T
All tornadoes make a distinctive roar F
Lightning may occur from one cloud to another T
One should not open windows as a tornado approaches T
A typical diameter of a tornado would be about one mile F
In the United States tornadoes are most frequent during the summer and least frequent during the fall F
HP Supercells often produce flash flooding and large hail T
On a Doppler radar screen a tornado vortex signature T
Different tornadoes spawned by the same thunderstorm are said to occur in families T
All tornadoes rotate counterclockwise F
The air behind the leading edge of a gust front is normally warmer than the air ahead of it F
Thunder only happens when its raining F
All thunderstorms require rising air T
Only Canada experiences more tornadoes than the United States F
The winds in a typical tornado are usually less than 100 knots T
Thunderstorm training can be responsible for flash flooding T
Waterspouts may form with cumulus congestus clouds T
The top part of a thunderstorm usually has a positive charge T
A possible reason hailstones become negatively charged and ice crystals positively charged is that in a cloud there is a net transfer of positive ions from warmer objects to colder objects T
The fair weather waterspout is normally smaller and less intense than the average tornado T
Nighttime thunderstorms over the Central Plains of the United States appear to be related to a low level southerly jet stream T
Lightning can momentarily heat the air to 3000C T
Doppler radar in conjuction with algorithms help forecasters determine which thundertstorms are most likely to produce severe weather T
Red sprites and blue jets are associated with thunderstorms T
Gustnadoes and landspouts are examples of nonsupercell tornadoes T
On a radar screen one would most likely see a bow echo with a squall line T
A heat burst forms from the intense heat generated by a lightning flash F
A large gust front could be called an outflow boundary T
Most rain wrapped tornadoes are easily identified by observers F
Ball lightning is a very common form of lightning F
A mesoscale convection vortex is often associated with severe weather T
A tornado cloud whose circulation has not reached the ground funnel cloud
Measures speed at which precipitation is moving horizontally toward or away from you Doppler Radar
Rapidly rotating small whirls that sometimes occur within a large tornado suction vortices
A small area of high pressure created by the cold, heavy air of a thunderstorm's downsdraft mesohigh
A line of thunderstorms that form along or out ahead of an advancing cold front squall line
Classifies tornadoes according to damage incurred by the tornado's winds derecho
Tornadoes that form along a gust front gustnadoes
This marks the surface boundary where warm moist air encounters warm dry air dryline
An area of rotating clouds that extends beneath a supercell thunderstorm and from which a funnel cloud may appear wallcloud
The main cause of horizontal wind shear associated with several major airline crashes microbursts
This often results when intense thunderstorms stall or move very slownly flash floods
The brightest past of a lightning stroke return stroke
An elongated ominous looking cloud that forms behind a gust front roll cloud
A root-like tube that forms when a lightning stroke fuses sand particles together fulgurite
The formation of a tornado tornadogenesis
Extremely strong damaging straight line wind associated with a squall line derecho
A tornado like feature that forms over water waterspout
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