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learning strategies pc take home jg

Tablet computer a Convertible laptop computer that uses a digital pen to ink
Tablet care must use your computer case in school and to/from home to protect your computer as much as possible
Safety of tablet computer you must have your computer with you at all times during school day or it must be locked in your laptop locker do not leave laying in classrooms or commons areas
safety of tablet computers at sporting events if you are in a sport, DO NOT take your tablet with you unless there is a trusted adult (parent, teacher) who is willing to watch your computer while you play your sport/game
School Hours School hours are: 8:30 am to 3:20pm
Tablet Rules DURING SCHOOL HOURS no games of any kind no music or videos should be played on your computer unless it is required for that particular class including use of your web cam no IM’ing or video chatting during school hours EDUCATIONAL purpose, not RECREATIONAL
Tablet Rules AFTER SCHOOL and HOME no installing of software without talking to ms. garza
Daily Tech Points for Ms Garza you will earn 5 points for coming to class prepared with your computer case (with computer in it) computer computer was charged and ready to be used and you didn't have to be reminded to get your tablet from your locker
OneNote a digital “trapper keeper” or portfolio your documents
Benefits of OneNote automatically saves as you work you can send any document from any program into One Note you can Ink or type information into One Note
Lasso Tool in OneNote allows you to select ink to move, resize, or convert to typed text
Audio Notes in OneNote allow you to record voices into your notes so that you can listen to them later
Video Notes in OneNote allow you to record video via your webcam into your notes
Rules for Audio and Video Notes in OneNote must have permission of anyone you record (other than yourself) should generally not be done in classes more of a home use tool #1 rule for using a webcam: You must wear clothes!
Windows Updates “fixes” to Microsoft software for Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office updates are fixes to newly discovered problems from Microsoft program should be done regularly
Lenovo System Updates “fixes” to Lenovo software on your computer ThinkVantage is the name for all Lenovo software updates are fixes to newly discovered problems from Lenovo program must be done after you do your Windows Updates to keep your computer up-to-date
Web browsers the program that surfs the internet on your computer common web browsers are: Internet Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari
Desktop wallpaper rules no weapons of any kind except light sabers no blood or gore no disturbing images (like scary clowns!) bodies in pictures must have clothing covering t-shirt and shorts areas of the body! no drug or alcohol references
Backing up documents you are responsible to back up your files on a regular basis you can back up your documents to: USB pen SD Card Google Docs external HD
Replacement Parts of computers Tablet Pen = $50.00 Power Cord = $60.00 battery=$170.00
Saving Battery best way to save your battery is to reduce screen brightness
Created by: jglatz641
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