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Bus 302: Ch 8

Product Safety Examples A) Cigarettes: should we ban cigarette sales/advertising/free samples across the world? B) Toys: Mattel example with lead paint in china and design flaw
Labor and Employment Practices Examples Jeans and Rugs: Levi Strauss example…use of child labor in rug making example
Human Rights and Security Examples A) Nigeria: shell was caught in the middle of a bad situation (murder of that guy) and now does everything it can to promote human rights (training all over the world) B) Executive Security: British women in the Middle East being shaken down by armed men
Bribery and Corruption A) The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act B) Transparency International
Responding to ethical problems Rationalization, see the problem as only one small piece of a larger puzzle, someone else’s problem
Ethical v. legal behaviro Matrix (see pg 326) Q 1: not promoting a pregnant woman to a job that is dangerous for the fetus (illegal, but ethical) Q 3: apartheid in South Africa
Ethical Frameworks (Theories) Consequential: focus on outcomes/ results of decisions, max amount good and min harm rule-based: focus on moral obligations, duties, and rights Cultural: emphasize cultural differences in standards of behavior Perry’s
Asian Values Debate after UN declaration of human rights, the Asian countries joined forces and said that a lot of the policies were influenced by western ways of thinking and were not applicable to the Asian culture
Integrated Social Contracts Theory see diagram
Guidelines for Competing with Integrity (all steps) A) Prepare for Ethical Dilemmas B) Identify the impact on Stakeholders C) Assess and Select Options D) Consider your own position carefully
Guidelines for Competing with Integrity: Prepare for Ethical Dilemmas 1) Develop Relationships, but with care: strong trust-based relationships 2) get the best information possible: get all facts and don’t rely on what people are saying
Guidelines for Competing with Integrity: Identify the impact on Stakeholders 1) Identify all stakeholders: need to know responsibilities to each group that will be affected by your decision 2) Assess your responsibilities and obligations to stakeholders: internal and external people affected by decision
Guidelines for Competing with Integrity: Assess and Select Options 1 Identify a broad range of options: avoid win or lose ideas only 2 analyze the assumptions behind the options: what framework is used/Whose values are used/appropriate? 3 select an option and develop and action plan: need all previous steps before
Guidelines for Competing with Integrity: Consider your own position carefully 1 make decisions that are your resp: don’t pass off decision 2 do not accept responsibility for decisions that are not your responsibility (scapegoat) 3 do not use culture as an excuse 4 act consistently with your own values (billboard test)
Created by: mbarnum3
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