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BJU Physical Sci. 1

BJU Physical Science - Ch 1

An unproven idea that is used as the basis for proving or understanding other things. presupposition
The systematic use of observations to describe the physical universe. science
The outlook from which a person interprets all matters of life. worldview
God's command give to mankind in Genesis 1:28 to exercise dominion over the world by wisely using the resources He has placed here. Creation Mandate
A nonphysical model that organizes observations to make them understandable. conceptual model
The study of the structure, composition, and properties of matter and how it acts in the presence of other matter. chemistry
A mental leaning or inclination. bias
The study of the evidence for the origin of all things. Also called origins science. historical science
A temporary, testable explanation of a phenomenon that stimulates and guides further scientific investigation. hypothesis
A simple statement that models or describes the relationship among natural phenomena under specified conditions law
A simplified depiction of a far more complex object or concept. They may be physical, conceptual, or mathematical. model
Science that develops answers to natural-world questions by directly testing and observing present-day phenomena. operational science
An observable, process, or property. phenomenon
A fundamental area of science that deals primarily with physics and chemistry. physical science
The study of matter and energy and how they interact. physics
A collection of standards that govern how scientific work is conducted, based on the existing scientific paradigm. scientific methodology
Science that extends the current scientific paradigm by discovering new facts about the natural world. The knowledge gained does not have to provide immediate practical benefits. theoretical science
An overarching model that explains the behavior of a related set of natural phenomena. theory
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