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LS Midterm 2

RWG Notes

Assistive technology • Technology that is available to assist individuals to participate in activities As independently as possible
What is Read & Write Gold • Assistive technology and study skills software used at Lawrence School • Started by an Irish company, Texthelp Systems
TextHelp Button & Anchor -Toolbar Selection -Toolbar colors, options -General Options -Video Tutorials -Closing RWG -Unlocking toolbar from current location
Spellchecker Tool -Phonetic spell check tool o Phonetic = spelled like it sounds • Can listen to and read each word with Reading Tools • Can listen to and read each definition to make a better choice during spell checking
Word Prediction Tool • Similar to T9/text prediction on cell phones • Predicts the word you want to type Predicts words phonetically (i.e. ‘foto’ will list ‘photo’ on the list
Dictionary Tool • Select a word then click the dictionary icon to see a definition of the word • You can listen to the definitions with the Play button on the Reading tool • Clicking on a definition will show you Possible related words like a thesaurus adults
Picture Dictionary Tool • Select a word then click on the Picture Dictionary icon to see a Visual representation of the word in the corner of your screen • You can double click on any picture to add it to your Word document
Word Wizard • The Word Wizard takes you on a Tour of a specific word
Sounds Like and Confusable Words Tool • aka The Ears or The Triplets (Ms. Garza’s name for this tool) • great proofreader for words often confused (homophones, homonyms,antonyms, synonyms, common typo errors and other confusable words)
Verb Checker • The Verb Checker is a little tool to allow you to see how a verb should be Conjugated
Calculator Tool It is a talking calculator
4 Calculator tools Standard Calculator Scientific Calculator Evaluate In Document Convert
Reading tools/ Text To Speech Tools Reading tools let your hear digital text
Screenshot Reader • Allows you to read Inaccessible text e.g. locked PDFs or inaccessible flash and within programs (like MAP tests) • Click on the tool and then draw a box around what you want to have read to you listening to new
Speechmaker • Allows you to convert selected text into a sound file such as an MP3 • A wizard will guide you through the conversion process. • Allows you to create your own audio books
Daisy Reader • Reads Daisy Books (books in specific format for the blind) Anyone with
Pronunciation Tutor Words are pronounced and syllables displayed
Scan Tool • This tool is used to OCR documents (make them readable with Read & Write Gold or other assistive technology software) • Determines which parts of a page are letters/numbers vs. picture OCR: Optical Character Recognition
FactFinder Tool Shortcut to do quick web search directly from RWG toolbar
Fact Folder Tool • A tool to collect information (facts, pictures) from the internet to create a list of facts/pictures with complete bibliography • Must use Internet Explorer – does not work in Firefox or Chrome
Fact Mapper Like inspiration, but not reccomended
Screen Masking Tool Aka The ADHD Tool • helps the user to remain focused on a specific point of computer screen/page • can choose different options or colors to help stay focused
Speech Input • This tool allows you to easily create documents by dictating into a microphone connected to your computer. Uses Windows Speech Recognition tools (or Dragon if you have Dragon installed on your computer)
Translator • Click this button to open the single word translator, and then select a word to have it translated. • ***Note: You must be online to use this feature. • can choose: French Spanish Italian German
PDF Aloud • Click this button to launch Adobe Reader. • Open your PDF document. • On the PDF Aloud Toolbar, (located in Tools/plugin in Adobe 10, 11 or later) select ‘click & speak’.
Study Skills Tools • Use the buttons on this toolbar To highlight and collect sections of text • use the Collect Highlights tool to collect all highlights into a Word document with bibliography. Good for collecting facts that must happen immediately vs over time
Vocabulary Tool AKA The Picture Board Tool • Can be used in conjunction with Study Skills highlighters or alone
Word Cloud Tool • Used selected text or word banks to create and display a Word cloud/list/word bank for use when writing,filling in worksheets or taking tests
Voice Note Tool Record a voice note and insert it into a Microsoft word document
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