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Ch 16 Vocab

Verbal Communication The encoding of messages into words, either written or spoken
Nonverbal Communication The encoding of messages by facial expressions, body language, and styles of dress
Information Richness The amount of information that a communication medium can carry and the extent to which the medium enables the sender and receiver to reach a common understanding
Management By Wandering Around A face-to-face communication technique in which a manager walks around a work area and talks informally with employees about issues and concerns
Information Overload The potential for important information to be ignored or overlooked while tangential information receives attention
Blog A website on which a person, group, or organization posts info, commentary, and opinions and to which readers can often respond with their own commentary and opinions
Social Networking Site A website that enables people to communicate with others with whom they have some common interest or connection
Communication Networks The pathways along which information flows in groups and teams and throughout the organization
Grapevine An informal communication network along which unofficial information flows
Internet vs. Intranet Internet is a global system of computer networks while an Intranet is a companywide system of computer networks
Groupware Computer software that enables members of groups and teams to share information with one another
Collaboration Software Groupware that promotes and facilitates collaborative, highly interdependent interactions and provides an electronic meeting site for communication amount team members
Jargon Specialized language that members of an occupation, group, or organization develop to facilitate communication amoung themselves
Filter Withholding part of a message because of the mistaken belief that the receiver does not need or will not want the information
Information Distortion Changes in the meaning of a message as the message passes through a series of senders and receivers
Rumors Unofficial pieces of information of interest to organizational members but with no identifiable source
Linguistic Style A person's characteristic way of speaking
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