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Laptop take home

midterm studying

a convertible laptop is a lap top that converts into a tablet
must use your ________ ____ in school and to/from home to protect your computer as much as possible computer case
computers should be in _____ _____ during lunch your lockers
you must have your computer with you at ___ ____ during school day or it must be locked in your laptop locker all times
if you are in a ______, DO NOT take your tablet with you unless there is a trusted adult (parent, teacher) who is willing to watch your computer while you play your sport/game sport
School hours are: ____ am to 3:20pm 8:30
no ____ of any kind games
no ______ __ _____ should be played on your computer unless it is required music or videos
no IM’ing or video chatting during _____ ______ school hours
no installing of software without talking to __ _____ Ms. Garza
especially never will be allowed to install Limewire, Frostwire, or any software with the word “Torrent” in it; these programs are full of ________ and spyware which is bad for your computer viruses
Never download ____________; they are full of viruses and spyware. Use Bubbles instead! screensavers
Facebook, MySpace and other blocked sites at school are not blocked at ____ home
Remember if your online behavior at home affects life at school in a bad way, there may be ____________ at school consequences
one note? a digital “trapper keeper” or portfolio your documents
OneNote automatically ____ _____ ____ saves your notes
you can send ___ ________ from any program into OneNote any document
you are responsible to ____ __ your files on a regular basis back up
Tablet Pen = ______ $50.00
Power Cord = ______ $60.00
battery = ________ $170.00
best way to save your _______ is to reduce screen brightness battery
Lenovo System Updates “fixes” to Lenovo software on your computer
Windows Updates “fixes” to Microsoft software for Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office
don't clean screen with _______ _______ cleaning products
use a _____ to clean the screen towel
you can't touch other peoples computers without ________ permission
don't leave your computer in a _____ ______ or in the commons class room
Facebook, MySpace and other blocked sites at school are ___ blocked at home not
computer has to be ________ and ready to be used charged
Created by: dbailis