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Orchestra Terms

Quarter 2 Orchestra Vocabulary

doppio movimento twice as fast
double flat lower by one full step
double sharp raise by one full step
dynamics the level of loudness
pianississimo (ppp) very, very soft
pianissimo (pp) very soft
piano (p) soft
mezzo piano (mp) medium soft
mezzo forte (mf) medium loud
forte (f) loud
fortissimo (ff) very loud
fortississimo (fff) very,very loud
e, ed, et and
espressivo with feeling, with expression
etude a study or exercise focusing on a particular technical or musical problem
fermata a pause or hold
finale the last movement of a multi-movement work
fine the end
forzando a strong accent
giocoso humorous, playful
giusto exact, appropriate or usual tempo
glissando a glide from one note to the next
grazioso graceful
interval pitch difference between two notes
key signature sharps or flats placed at the beginning of a selection indicating its key
largamente broadly
legato smooth, even, without breaks between notes
l'istesso tempo at the same tempo
loco return to normal position
maestoso majestic, with dignity
marcato accented, stressed
marcia march
meno less
molto much, very
morendo fading away
mosso or moto moved, motion
non no, do not
nuance subtle shading in style
ossia an alternate version
pesante weighty, ponderous
piu more
pochissimo as little as possible
poco a poco little by little
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