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Imp. Concept Quiz

Political Parties,Constitution Principles,Founding Fathers 12/18

Federalist Party Started by Alexander Hamilton and John Adams, Believed in strong national government, higher tariffs,government support of industry.
Anti-Federalist Party Started by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, believed in strong State governments, low tariffs, government support of agriculture (farming)
Democratic-Republican Party Anti-Federalist took this new name, strong state government, low tariffs, government support of agriculture, started by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
Democratic Party Came about due to a split in the Democratic-Republican Party during the election of Andrew Jackson in 1828, Modern Democratic Party started here.
Whig Party Group opposed to Jackson's policies. Supported State's Rights, and Henry Clay's American System. Leaders were Daniel Webster and Henry Clay.
Republican Party Modern Republican Party formed before the Civil War as an Anti-slavery party. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President;Republicans controlled the government during this time period.
Popular Sovereinty The people hold all political power in this country; that government was created ,and can be changed by the people. We exercise this through voting.
Republicanism Government in which the desires of the people are represented in government by elected representatives.
Federalism Power of the government is shared between the states; and national government.
Separation of Powers Split the powers of government into three branches;Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Government power is divided between these three branches.
Checks and Balances Each branch makes sure the others are working the way they should.
Limited Government Placed strict limits on government to protect the people.
Individual Pights Rights that all citizens have that the government can not take away (Bill of Rights).
George Washington Commanding General of the Continental Army during the American Revolution,President of the Constitutional Convention, 1st President of the United States.
John Adams Diplomat during the American Revolution, 1st Vice-President , 2nd President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson Wrote the Declaration of Independence, 2nd Vice-President, 3rd President of the United States, purchased the Louisiana Territory.
James Madison Considered the Father of the Constitution, 4th President of the United States,served as President during the War of 1812.
Benjamin Franklin Inventor,Philosopher, and diplomat for the United States of America. Responsible for negotiating a treaty with France to aid the United States during the American Revolution.
Created by: jrpeeler
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