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special test

Speed's test Test bicipital tendonitis - active flexion
Yergason's test bicipital tendonitis - active supination
Hawkins-Kennedy Impingement test supraspinatus tendon involvement
Neer Impingement test supraspinatus tendon involvement
Adson maneuver Thoracic outlet syndrome
Allen test Thoracic outlet syndrome
Roos test Thoracic outlet syndrome
Varus stress test lateral collateral ligament sprain
Valgus medial collateral ligament sprain
Cozen's test lateral epicondylitis
Tinel's sign of the elbow ulnar nerve compression or compromise
Allen test - UE Occlusion in the radial or ulnar artery
Froment's sign ulnar nerve compromise or paralysis
phalen's test carpal tunnel syndrome due to median nerve compression
Tinel's sign of the wrist- tingling of the fingers carpal tunnel syndrome due to median nerve compression
Finkelstein test tenosynovitis in the thumb
Ely's test rectus femoris contracture
Ober's test TFL contracture
thomas test Hip flexion contraction
Tripod sign tight hamstrings
Craig's test normal anteversion of the hip is 8-15 degrees
patrick's test (faber test) iliopsoas, sacroilic, or hip joint abnormailities
Lachman test ACL injury
Lateral pivot shirft test Anterolateral rotatory instability
Apley's compression test meniscal lesion
McMurray test posterior meniscal lesion
Anterior drawer test for ankle anterior talofibular ligament sprain
Talar tilt Calcaneofibular
Thompson test Ruptured Achilles tendon
Activel make a fist, pronate the forearm, radially deviate and extend the wrist against resistance Cozen's test for lateral epicondylitis
Extend third digit against resistance Lateral epicondylitis test
Passively supinate the forearm, extends the wrist, and extend the elbow Medial epicondylitis test
Created by: ckdabne
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