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Chapter 11,12,13


Isthmus a narrow strip of land having water on each side and joining two larger bodies of land
Guerrilla A member of an armed force that is not part of a regular army; relating to a form of warfare carried on by such and independent armed force.
Archipelago A group of islands.
Coral Island An island formed by skeletal remains of tiny sea animals and the and and sediment piling on top of them
Windward Facing the wind.
Leeward Facing away from the wind.
Escarpment A steep cliff that separates two level areas of differing elevations.
Sertao An interior plateau in brazil with poor soil and uncertain rain.
Favela A sum community in brazilian city.
Plantation A large estate farmed by many workers.
Gasshole A fuel mixture of gasoline and ethanol.
Deforestation The process of stripping the land of its trees
Ecotourism Tourism that encourages environmental awareness and has little effect on the ecosystem .
Mulatto A person of mixed African and European ancestry
Bauxite A mineral used in making aluminum.
ilano A grassy plane.
Cordillera A related set of separate mountain ranges.
Campesino In latin american, a tenant farmer or farm worker.
Altiplano A plateau region located in the Andes of Bolivia y Peru
Paramo A plateau in the Andes of Ecuador.
Timber line The boundary in high elevations above which continuous forest vegetation cannot grow.
Selva A forested region in Ecuador, Peru. and Bolivia.
Estuary The wide mouth of a river, where freshwater river currents meet salt water.
Piedmont A region of rolling foothills.
pampas A grasslands region in Argentina and Uruguay.
Gaucho A cowboy who herded cattle in the pampas of Argentina and Uruguay.
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