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Music Theory Vocab

Music Theory Vocabulary for Advanced Rudiments

a for, at, it, etc.
a cappella Unaccompanied choral music
a capriccio In a capepricious or humorous style
a piacere At the performer`s liberty
accelerando Becoming quicker
adiago Slow (slower than andante but not as slow as largo)
ad libitum At the performer`s liberty
affabile In a pleasing manner
affettuoso Affectionate, with tender warmth
affrettando Hurrying
largo very slow and broad
larghetto less slow than largo
lento slow
adagio slow (slower than 'andante' but not as slow as 'largo')
andante rather slow, at a moderate, walking pace
andantino a little faster than 'andante'
moderato moderate tempo
allegretto fairly quick, slightly slower than allegro
allegro lively, fast
presto very fast
prestissimo as fast as possible
con motto with movement
grave extremely slow and solemn
vivace lively, brisk
comodo at a comfortable, easy tempo
a tempo in time; return to the original tempo after an increase or decrease in tempo
rallentando, rall. slowing down gradually
ritardando, rit. slowing down gradually
tempo primo, tempo I return to original tempo
accelerando, accel. becoming quicker
meno mosso less movement, slower
piĆ¹ mosso more movement, quicker
rubato a flexible tempo, using slight variations of speed to enhance musical expression
allargando, allarg. broadening, becoming slower
l'istesso tempo at the same tempo
retenuto, riten. suddenly slower, held back
stringendo, string. pressing, becoming faster
pianissimo, pp very soft
piano, p soft
mezzo piano, mp moderately soft
mezzo forte, mf moderately loud
forte. f loud
fortissimo, ff very loud
crecendo, cresc. < becoming louder
decrescendo, decresc. > becoming softer
diminuendo, dim. > becoming softer
fortepiano, fp loud then suddenly soft
sforzando, sforzato, sf or sfz a sudden strong accent on a single note or chord
cantabile in a singing style
dolce sweet
grazioso graceful
lagato smooth
maestoso majestic
marcato, marc. marked, emphasized
staccato short, detached
animato animated, spirited
brillante brilliant
con brio with vigor or vivacity
con espressione with expression
espressivo, espress. expressively
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