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A smooth jawed adjustable wrench used for turning nuts,bolts, and pipe fittings. Often referred as Cresent Wrench Adjustable End Wrench
A hammer with a flat face that is used to strike cold chisels and punches. The rounded end- the peen- is used to bend and shape sort metal Ball Peen Hammer
A claw hammer with a slightly rounded - or convex -face Bell Faced Hammer
To cut slant at an angle that is not a right angle (90 degrees). The angle or inclination of a line or surface that meets another at any angle but 90 degrees Bevel
A Wrench- usually double-ended- that has a closed socket that fits over the head of a bolt Box End Wrench
A Flat- steel square commonly used in carpentry Carpenter's Square
A straight steel rod with a curved claw at one end that is used to pull nails that have been driven flush with the surface of the wood or slightly blow it Cat's Paw
A metal tool with a sharpened-beveled edge used to cut and shape wood- stone- or metal Chisel
A tool with a claw at each end - commonly used to pull nails Chisel Bar
A hammer with a flat striking face. The other end of the head is curved and divided into two claws to remove nails Claw Hammer
An adjustable Carpenter's tool consisting of a steel rule that slides through an adjustable head Combination Square
A wrench with an open end and a closed end Combination Wrench
A pin- usually round - that fits into a corresponding hole to fasten or align two pieces Dowel
A device such as a bolt -clasp- hook- or lock used to attach or secure one material to another Fastener
A prying tool with a nail slot at the end to pull nails out in tightly enclosed areas. It can also be used as a small pry bar Flat Bar
The straight sides or jaws of a wrench opening. Also- the sides on a nut or bolt head Flats
Unit of measure used to describe the amount of pressure exerted (torque) to tighten a large object Foot-Pounds
A hexagonal steel bar that is bent to form a right angle. Often referred as an Allen Wrench Hex Key Wrench
Unit of measure used to describe the amount of pressure exerted(torque) to tighten a small object Inch-Pounds
The point where members or the edges of members are joined. The types of welding joints are butt joint- corner joint-and T-joint Joint
A cut or channel made by a saw Kerf
Perfectly Horizontal;Completely Flat; Also-a tool used to determine if an object is level Level
A joint made by fastening together usually perpendicular parts with the ends cut at an angle. Miter Joint
A tool used to remove nails Nail Puller
The process of bending-shaping- or cutting material by striking it with a tool Peening Peening
A wrench for gripping or turning a pipe or pipe -shaped object; it tightens when turned in one direction Pipe wrench
Describing a surface made smooth by using a tooled called a plane Planed
A scissor-shaped type of adjustable wrench equipped with jaws and teeth to grip objects Pliers
Perfectly vertical; the surface is at a right angle (90 degree) to the horizon or floor and does not bow out at the top or bottom Plumb
Teeth on the gripping part of a wrench. Also refers to the number of teeth per inch on a handsaw Points
A steel tool used to indent metal Punch
A type of carpenter's square made of cast aluminum that combines a protractor-try square- and framing square Rafter Angle Square
A tool used for heavy-duty dismantling of wood work- such as tearing apart building frames or concrete forms Ripping Bar
To smooth out threads or edges on a screw or nut Round Off
Exactly adjusted; any piece of material sawed of cut to be rectangle with equal dimensions on all sides; a tool used to check angles Square
A non-adjustable wrench with an enclosed circular opening designed to lock on to the fastener when the wrench is struck striking or slugging wrench
To damage the threads on a nut or bolt Strip
Metal handle-end of a file. The tang fits into a wooden or plastic file handle Tang
Treated with heat to create or restore hardness in steal Tempered
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