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ENDOCRINE Diabetes Melllitus

What is Diabetes Mellitus? A chronic disorder of CHO metabolism, resulting form the overproduction and underutilization of glucose due to teh lack of or inactivity of insulin
Without _____ glucose increase in the blood causing ____. Insulin; hyperglycemia
Diabetes mellitus is a common cause of _____ hyperglycemia
A patient may have ____ because of a lack of insulin production or because of insulin ___ defects hyperglycemia; receptor
Differnce in the source of _____ account for the two type soy diabetes mellitus Type____ and type ____. Type 1 and type 2
Premature atherosclerosis/ peripheral vascular disease Retinopathy/progressive blindness Nephropathy/renal vascular disease Neuropathy (numbness of extremities, loss of sensation, difficulty in controlling urination, impotence, orthostatic hypotension) Are complications resulting from diabetes
Increased frequency of infections Non healing ulcers of the lower extremities may indicate chronic vascular disease Smoking may increase vascular complications … are…. Are complications resulting from diabetes
Type 1 ( IDDM) is ___ Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
Type 1 Diabetes an individual has an ______ deficiency of insulin from the beta cells of the ____ absolute deficiency; pancreas
Re: type 1 diabetes onset most commonly occurs before the age of ____, but can occur in the adult as well 20
What is a possible cause of Type 1 diabetes? Autoimmune reaction
Patients with Type ____ diabetes mellitus require exogenous insulin for _____ type 1 ;life
What are the possible treatments for type 1 diabetes? Balanced diet Insulin Routine exercise (increases glucose use by tissues) Good hygiene
What is Type 2 diabetes known as ____ (Formerly called NIDDM / Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus)
_____ is the most common form of diabetes Type 2
If an individual has Type 2 diabetes the individual has a relative lack of )))) ( or resistance to its effect Insulin deficiency
A patient with Type 2 DM may have_____ or ____ insulin levels, but an altereted insulin sensing mechanism causes the liver to overproduce glycose normal or elevated
How do you manage type 2 DM? Weight loss Regular physical exercise Smoking cessation Decrease alcohol consumption Oral hypoglycemics May require exogenous insulin
What is Gestational Diabetes? Glucose intolerance that develops during pregnancy
Regarding Gestational Diabetes ___ insulin ____ be used during ____ Exogenous; insulin; may; pregnancy
_____ may develop Type 2 diabetes within __ to ___ years if weight is not controlled. Woman; 10 to 15 eyars
How do you prevent hyperglycemia? Prevention: Adhere to prescribed diet & exercise Take prescribed dose of insulin or oral medication Report fever, infection, prolonged vomiting or diarrhea Reduce stress as much as possible
What is the goal of treatment for hyperglycemia? Prevention: Adhere to prescribed diet & exercise Take prescribed dose of insulin or oral medication Report fever, infection, prolonged vomiting or diarrhea Reduce stress as much as possible
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