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Hematopoietic Drugs are used to treat___ deficiencies? Nutritional deficiences. Iron deficiency anemia
Oral iron preparations available as ferrous___ Should never be exchanged for one another. salts.
iron dextran, iron sucrose, ferric gluconate are ___ preparations Parenteral
nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,constipation, stomach cramps/pain. Excess intake leads to iron toxicity are the adverse drug reactions for ____. Hematopoietic drugs
Folic Acid deficiency anemia Ingestion required for ___ of DNA & RNA; essential for normal erythropoiesis production
What should not be used until underlying cause & type of anemia is determined. Folic Acid
What causes signs of folic acid deficiency? BC pills,corticosteroids, sulfonamides all cause signs of folic acid deficiency.
Folic acid can lower ____levels phenytoin serum
Cyanocobalamin deficiency anemia; ___ drugs are to treat ____ anemia and ___ anemias. pernicious anemia and megloblastic anemias.
What forms of hematopoietic drugs are given when treating cyanocobalamin deficiency anemia? Given PO or intranasally, IM
What are two Erythropoietic Drugs? Epoetin alfa(Epogen,Procrit) and darbepoetin(Aranesp):
Epoetin alfa(Epogen,Procrit) and darbepoetin(Aranesp stimulate _____ production of ___ stimulates bone marrow production of RBCs
Erythropoietic drugs are used to ___ or ____ associated with chronic renal failure and myelosuppression chemotherapy. prevent or treat anemia
Taking Eryhtopoietic drugs are associated with increased cardiovascular complications and tumor progression if used to achieve __________ levels. Associated with increased cardiovascular complications and tumor progression if used to achieved normal hemoglobin levels
Colony Stimulating Factors: Filgrastim(Neupogen) is used to stimulate _____ production by bone marrow following bone marrow transplant or chemotherapy induced neutropenia blood cell
____is both a hematopoietic drug and platelet enhancer Oprelvekin(Neumega):
Oprelvekin(Neumega): is both ____ and _____ both hematopoietic drug & interleukin
Oprelvekin(Neumega): is indicated for prevention of chemotherapy induce severe _____and avoidance of need for platelet transfusion in adults. thrombocytopenia
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