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Bailey & Burch

Ethics for Behavior Analysts

(1.0) RESPONSIBLE CONDUCT OF A BEHAVIOR ANALYST The behavior analyst maintains the high standards of professional behavior of the professional organization.
(1.01) RELIANCE ON SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE Behavior analysts rely on scientifically and professionally derived knowledge when making scientific or professional judgements in human provision, or when engaging in scholary or professional endeavors.
(1.02a) COMPETENCE Behavior analysts provide services, teach, and conduct research only within the boundaries of their competence, based on their education, training, supervised experience, or appropiate professional experience.
(1.02b) COMPETENCE Behavior analysts provide services, teach, and conduct research in new areas or involving new techniques only after first undertaking appropiate study, training, supervision, and/or consultation from persons who are competent in those area or techniques.
(1.03) PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT BA's who engage in assessment, therapy, teaching, research, org. consulting,or other prof. activities maintain a reasonable level of awareness of current scientific and professional information in their fields of activity, and undertake ongoing efforts...
(1.04a) INTEGRITY BA's are truthful and honost. BA's follow through on obligations and professional assignments with high quality work and refrain from making professional commitments that they cannot keep.
(1.04b) INTEGRITY The BA's behavior conforms to the legal and moral codes of the social and professional community of which th BA is a member.
(1.04c) INTEGRITY The activity of a BA falls under these Guidelines only if the activity is part of his or her work-related functions of the activity is behavior analytic in nature.
(1.04d) INTEGRITY IF BAs' ethical responsibilities conflict with law, BA's make known their committment to these Guidelines and take steps to resolve the conflict in a responsible manner in accordance with the law.
Created by: IraMeinhofer
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