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Stress Unit


The feeling of pressure, strain or tension that comes from dealing with challenging situations. Stress
This is the cause of the stress put on your body. Stressor
What three things make up our health triangle? 1. Mental 2. Social 3. Physical
This is good or postive stress. Eustress
What are the five characteristics of Eustress? 1. it motivates you 2. is short term 3. Is perceived as within our coping abilities 4. feels exciting 5. improves performance
This is called negative stress. Distress
Characteristics of distress 1. causes anxiety or concern 2. can be short or long term 3. feels unpleasant 4. decreases performance 5. can lead to mental and physical problems
Feeling sad, lonely, unhappy, frustrated, discouraged and you have negative thoughts about yourself and surroundings. Depression
Finding a way to deal with stress or any situation you are trying to handle Coping
Life events and daily hassels are examples of what? Stressors
What is the top most stressful job? Teaching in the inner city school
What is the most stressful life event for an adult? Death of a spouse
What is the most stressful event of middle school student? Breaking up with a boy/girl friend.
What is the leading cause of stress? Money/Finances
What are some internal cause of stress? 1. uncertainty, worries and fears 2. pessimistic attitude 3. self-critcism 4. unrealistic expectations 5. perfectionism
What are some mental symptoms of stress? 1. forgetfulness 2. lack of concentration 3. poor judgement 4. reduced creativity 5. unclear thoughts or decisions
What are some emotional symptoms of stress? 1. crying 2. aniexty 3. depression 4. moodiness 5. substance abuse 6. angry outburst
What are some behavioral symptoms of stress? 1. eating more or less 2. sleeping too much or too little 3. isolating yourself from others 4. substance abuse 5. nervous habits 6. picking fights with others
What are some physical symptoms of stress? 1. muscle tension 2. vomiting/diarrhea 3. nausea 4. insomnia 5. chest pain 6. weight loss 7. headaches
What are the mental strategies to cope with stress called? Defense Mechanisms
Making excuses instead of making mistakes is an exmple of what? Rationalization
Not recognizing an unpleasant reality? Denial
Blocking out stressful thoughts is what? Repression
Putting the blame on someone or something else is example of what defense mechanism? Projection
Behaving like a younger child/as you did long ago is what? Regression
Shifting your emotions onto someone else is which defense mechanism? Displacement
Changing unacceptable behaviors into acceptable ones is called what? Sublimation
Replacing unattainable goals with realistic ones is called what? Substitution
What are five ways to clam down quickly? 1. take a walk 2. take a dep breath 3. take a mental break 4. re-think your situation 5. try progressive muscle relaxation
Created by: raydavis