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Big6 Research

Quiz yourself on the 6 steps of research process

What is the Big6? An information solving process.
What is the purpose of the Big6? To keep organized during the research process.
What is the first step of the Big6? Task definition
What is the second step of the Big6? Information seeking strategy
What is the third step of the Big6? Location and access
What is the fourth step of the Big6? Use of information
What is the fifth step of the Big6? Synthesis
What is the sixth step of the Big6? Evaluation
What does "task definition" mean? Define the problem or assignment.
What does "information seeking strategies" mean? Develop a search plan
What does "location and access" mean? Determine where to best find desired information
What does "use of information" mean? Decide what information is most useful
What does "synthesis" mean? Collate your ideas into a presentation
What does "evaluation" mean? Determine the quality of work and make revisions.
Which of the following would be an example of synthesis? Write a report about another country.
Which of the following would be an example of task definition? Understand that my teacher wants me to write a compare and contrast essay.
Which of the following would be an example of location and access? Find a book on the library shelf.
Which of the following would be an example of use of information. Decide what is most useful for this project.
James recieved the assignment from the teacher.What should he do first? Understand what he is supposed to do.
Mary understands she must write an essay about a famous King.What should she do now? Develop a search plan.
Susan has gathered her information and written much of her report.She should now... Go back and revise her work.
Sam has found lots of information on the topic. What should he do now? Decide what should be used in the report and what should be left out.
Facts on File is an example of... Online database
World Book is an example of... Encyclopedia
www.usa.gov is an example of... Internet Site
The Record is an example of... Newspaper
Building a website is an example of... Online publishing
Using a Web 2.0 website is different from a regular website because... It allows you to collaborate
Created by: richterp