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ECE437 Module 6

Which of the following disk head scheduling algorithms does not take into account the current position of the disk head? FCFS (First Come First Serve)
The SSTF scheduling algorithm Services the request with the minimum seek time
the surface of a magnetic disk platter is divided into tracks
DMA Controllers can... steal memory access cycles from the main CPU
On log-structured file systems, a transaction is considered only when it is written to disk. False
In general, LOOK disk head scheduling will involve less movement of the disk heads than SCAN disk head scheduling. True
LOOK disk head scheduling offers no practical benefit over SCAN disk head scheduling. False
Metadata includes all of the file-system structure, including the contents of the file. False
Which algorithm is considered reasonable for managing a buffer cache? LRU (Least-Recently Used)
Which of the following is true of the direct-access method? It allows programs to read and write records in no particular order.
The free-space list can be implemented using a bit vector approach. Which of the following is a drawback of this technique? It is not feasible to keep the entire list in main memory for large disks
The file-allocation table (FAT) used in MS-DOS is an example of linked allocation
A disk with free blocks 0,1,5,9,15 would be represented with what bit map? 1100010001000001
What is used in UNIX systems at the beginning of some files to roughly indicate the type of the file. magic number
The simplest file access method is... sequential access
A mount point is... the location within the file structure where the file system is to be attached.
On UNIX systems, the data structure for maintaining information about a file is... inode
116, 22, 3, 11, 75, 185, 100, 87. Using the FCFS scheduling algorithm, what is the order that the requests are serviced, assuming the disk head is at cylinder 88 and moving upward through the cylinders? 116 - 22 - 3 - 11 - 75 - 185 - 100 - 87
Indexed allocation may require substantial overhead for its index block. True
Linked allocation suffers from external fragmentation. False
RAID level 0 provides no redundancy. True
Which register of an I/O port can be written by the host to start a command or to change the mode of a device. Control
The path name "/home/people/os-student/chap10.txt" is an example of an absolute path name
Consider a system crash on a log-structured file system. Which one of the following events must occur? All transactions in the log must be completed.
Which of the following is the simplest method for implementing a directory? linear list
Which of the following allocation methods ensures that only one access is needed to get a disk block using direct access? contiguous allocation
In Unix/Linux environment where several processes may open the same file at the same time, the operating system typically uses... two types of tables, called the system-wide and per-process tables, to keep track of open files
Which of the following is true of the direct-access method? It allows programs to read and write records in no particular order.
Process A has 2 files open and process B has 3 files open. 2 files are shared between the two processes. How many entries are in the per-process table of process A, the per-process table of process B, and the system-wide open-file tables, respectively? 2,3,3
Which of the following allocation methods ensures that only one access is needed to get a disk block using direct access? contiguous allocation
___ includes all of the file system structure, minus the actual data Metadata
___ I/O accesses a block device as a simple array of blocks. Raw
What are two components of positioning time? seek time + rotational latency
All files in a single-level directory must have unique names. True
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