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Final MED 272

pyridium urinary analgesic phenazopyridine
Lasix loop furosemide
Demadex loop torsemide
Bumex loop bemetanide
Esidrix thiazide hydrochlorothiazide
Aldactone potassium sparing spironolactone
Skelaxin muscle relaxer metaxalone
Flexeril muscle relaxer cyclobenzaprine
Macrodantin urinary antiseptic nitrofurantoin
Dilantin anti- convulsant phenytoin
Klonopin anti- convulsant clonazepam
Tegretol anti- convulsant carbamazepine
Depakote anti convulsant valproic acid
Keppra anti convulsant levetiracetam
Neurontin anti convulsant gabapentin
Valium benzodiazepine diazepam
Ativan benzodiazepine lorazepam
Xanax benzodiazepine alprazolam
Dilaudid pain med hydromorphone
Ultram pain med tramadol
OxyContin pain med oxycodone
Bactrim antibiotic sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim
Augmentin antibiotic amoxicillin
Keflex antibiotic cephalexine
Rocephin antibiotic ceftriaxone
Cipro antibiotic ciprofloxicin
Flagyl antibiotic metronidazole
Vancocin antibiotic vancomycin
Zithromax antibiotic azithromycin
Tobrex antibiotic tobramycin
Zosyn antibiotic piperacillin
Ancef antibiotic cefazolin
Fortaz antibiotic ceftazidime
Levaquin antibiotic levofloxacin
Avelox antibiotic moxifloxacin
Zyloprim misc allopurinol
Synthroid misc levothyroxine Na+
Prozac anti depressant fluoxetine
Effexor anti depressant venlafaxine
Paxil anti depressant paroxetine
Zoloft anti depressant sertraline
Elavil anti depressant amitriptyline
Lomotil anti diarrheal diphenoxylate HCL
Imodium anti diarrheal loperamide HCL
Tagamet H2 Blocker cimetidine
Pepcid H2 Blocker famotidine
Zantac H2 Blocker ranitidine
Tums antacid calcium
Compazine anti emetic prochlorperazine
Antivert anti emetic meclizine
Thorazine anti emetic chlorpromazine
Prilosec Proton pump inhibitor omeprazole
Prevacid PPI lansoprazole
Protonix PPI pantoprazole
Nexium PPI esomeprazole mg
Dulcolax laxative biscodyl
Colace laxative docusate Na+
Micardis ARB telmisartan
Lotensin ACE benazepril
Zebeta Betablocker bisoprolol
Diovan ARB valsartan
Isordil Vasodilator isorbide
Nitro-Bid Vasodilator nitroglycerin
Altace ACE ramipril
Inderal Betablocker propranolol
Benicar ARB olmesartan
Apresoline Vasodilator hydralazine
Prinivil,Zestril ACE lisinopril
Tenormin BetaBlocker atenolol
Lopessor Betablocker metoprolol
Cozaar ARB losartan
Cardizem Calcium Channel Blocker diltiazem
Plendil Calcium Channel Blocker felodipine
Calan Calcium Channel Blocker verapamil
Procardia Calcium Channel Blocker nifedipine
Accupril ACE quinapril
Vasotec ACE enalapril
Lanoxin Misc digoxin
Created by: umm2six