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how many workers can be tagged at a time 25
is mass tagging of workers allowed no
how many workers can be compared at one time 5
what is the primary organization structure in HCM? Supervisory
what are grouped and tracked in supervisory organizations? workers
how are workers grouped in HCM management hierachy
what is an example of a supervisory org business unit, department, group or project
what structures are associated with supervisory organizations jobs, positions, and compensation
business processes are assigned to what? supervisory organizations
what are the four characteristics unique to a supervisory organization *Position are only created within a supervisory organization. * Employees must be hired into a supervisory organization * Organization roles have responsibilities withing a supervisory org * Unique bus processes can be assigned to a supervisory org.
what is an example of a supervisory subtype division or dept
what is the way to create a subtype Maintain Organization Subtypes
all organization subtypes are what? tenanted data
what is the function for enforcing a structure Create Hierarchy Structure
can levels of supervisor be skipped yes
what are the 4 options for visibility Everyone, Members Only, Admin Only, Admin Only all organizations
what are the 3 location options to create business Site, Business Asset, Workspace
business site location provides what 3 items enter time profile, time zone, and locale info
business asset is tied to wher finance
business site is tied to what supervisory organization
what is a required field when creating a supervisory org a location
what does locale information provide dates, times and currency
time profile defines number of hours worked in a week
work location include what physical address, email, and phone
why is superior and subordinate organizations important Determine the org hierarchy
why is Availability date important date is simply a reflection of when the supervisory was created
why is organization name important name of the supervisory org
why is org code impoartant optional value as add id field
why is org subtype important can create hierarchies and is reportable
why is external URL important allows identity of a URL with the supervisory org.
why is primary location imporant req when creating an org and used for security routing and reporting purposes
why is staffing model importantn each provides a different level of control
why is assign roles important denotes personal and drives bus process
why are identifiers important to provide govt identifiers
what do assignable roles drive security tasks, access to empl, and involvement in business processes
assignable roles reside where each type of org
what is the purpose of roles to assign tasks
how are roles assigned, 3 ways inherited or specifically assigned, or defaulted
matrix org does not req what? reorg event
what do the reorg activities utilize bus process framework
what are five reorg options Assign superior, create subordinate, divide org, inactive org, move workers
what does reorg assign superior do move the supervisory org with the hierarchy
what does re-org create subordinate do quickly create a new supervisory org and include it in the hierarchy as a sub
what does re-org divide org do create a new sibling org and select which subordinate org move into it
what does re-org inactive org do you need to move indiv positions, workers and headcount mgmt respectively out first
what does re-org move workers do move out of a supervisory, headcount entire group needs to be moved
what is an organization use to group resources, workers, and costs to support a particular bus function
organizations can be included in? hierarchy to represent a structure, such as a reporting hierarchy used to view reporting relationships
new org can be ? added
existing orgs can be divided or inactivated
can unlimited number of orgs be created yes
companies are the primary org type for? workday financials
what does a company equate to single tax ID in the enterprise
supervisory orgs track what workers and enable bus processes approvals
cost center tracks what costs
companies provide what vehicle for statutory reporting
financial reports are run in context of a company such as balance sheets
EIN is equivalent to what ssn
ein are issue to anyone who what pay withholding taxes on employees
you can specify what for each company base currency
base currency enables one to do what use multiple currencies across your workday deployment
what are cost centers used for account for related revenues and expenses
Matrix Orgs allow what create and mange dotted line relationships between workers and mgrs
matrix orgs allow workers to be what assigned in more than one group in addition o their supervisory org
matrix org reflects what workers dotted line relationship to multiple mgrs
supervisory org documents what who reports to whome
what is a staffing model defines how jobs and positions are created and filled in a supervisory org
what are job profiles defines generic features and characteristics of a job and of a position that is built off that profile
what is a business processes a sequence of one or more tasks that accomplishes a desired business objective
how is data stored as a business object
how are workday business objects setup fields and instances
Standard Reports are accessible with what term Workday Standard Reports
are xpressO reports copied no
how do you run xpress) reports search bar or Menu Navigation slide out
two types of reports standard and xpressO
which type of report can be copied and customized Report Writer
Report Data Source (RDS) equates to what in a relational db view
Primary Business Object (PBO) equates to what in a relational db Table
Related Business Object (RBO) equates to what in a relational db Child Table
Class Report Field (CRF) equates to what in a relational db Column
Instance equates to what in a relational db row
what is an example of a bus object org, workers, positions
workday stores data as what business objects
instances in Workday equates to what in a relational db rows in a tbl or spreadsheet
what kind of instances can bus objects have no, one or many instances
workday does what to business objects auto links related bus objects
what 3 types of fields can you select in custom reports Delivered, Calc'd, custom
calc related fields can be based on what existing, other calc'd or available custom fields
access to report writer is based on what security
can you report on external data yes
external data is retrieved how creating integration to a custom field(or set of custom fields)
what do object type fields do relate or point one object to another in either a 1:1 or 1:M
what does the business object details provide 1. avail fields on the given bus object 2. Relationships to related bus obj to and from that bus obj 3. Data sources avail for that bus object
xpressO reports can not be customized but include what configuration templates
xpressO templates are what give different results options
workday deliver reports in what security domain
reports - business data tab is what ability to work with the object definitions
to hide a report use what cmd Hide Workday Delivered Reports
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