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Primary Economic Act

Key Words

Economic Activities Something we do to earn money
Types of Economic Activities Primary,Secondary and tetiary
Primary Economic Activities how we use natural resources to make money
Secondary Economic Activities When people process or manufacture products
Tertiary Economic Activities Somebody Who provides a service
Renewable Resources Can be used again and again and again
Natural Resources Something provided by nature
Irrigation The artificial watering of land
Non Renewable Energy Sources of energy that can only be used once
finite Limited or will eventually run out
Artificial Lake a man made lake usually used for water storage
Bord Na Mona Set up in the 1940's to commercially exploit Ireland's bogs
Cutaway Bogs Bogs that remain after the peat in them has been harvested
Ditcher A machine used to drain bogs
Evaporation Water turning into vapor because of the heat
Factory Ships Ships that can stay at sea for several months clearing vast areas of fish
Finite Non renewable resources
Grader Machine used to level bogs
HEP Hydro Electric Power
Inputs Raw materials
Miller Machine used to harvest peat
Mixed Farming Growing crops and keeping livestock
Non-finite resources Renewable resources
OPEC Oil Producing and Exporting Countries
Outputs Finished Products
Created by: JosephMG