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states of conscious


materialism brain is a pysical thing
dualism brain being the body and mind being the soul. different
multiple drafts conciuosness goies in parralle streams. brain is step by step. mind can do alot
priming if primed u will pick up on subliminal
altered states- preconcious, non conscious, unconscious precon; memory. non con; brain dead; uncon; below surface, dreams, not easily remembered
ras pons keeps body from acting out dreams
sids sleep apnea in babys
circadium ryhthems last 25 hours, body temp & pain hurt more at night. brain peaks mid morning
supra chiasmatic nucleus part of hypothalmos. regualtes circadium rhythem master mind
reticular formation cells on top of a brain stem. keep messages in head so we dont act out our dreams
michel siffre discovered 25 hour day. cave explorer
videos of sleep babys are in rem, k complex stage 2, drugs is a different stage. delta 3& 4. theta stage 2. rem is beta and theta
rem rebound spend 60% more time in rem sleep
neurotramsmitters afftecting rem serotonin gets in the way of rem sleep. norepinephrine enciates sleep
paradoxical sleep rem sleep. body is asleep but brain is awake. heart rate goes up
cartwrights theory we have a common dream of falling
hypnogogic means nothuing
lucid dreaming realize in the dream that youre dreaming and you take control.
sleep apnea breathing problems. c pack
insomnia cant fall asleep. suterarmson dont know if asleep
narcolepsy cant control when u fall asleep. when scared or suprised. sleep. genetic
somnambulism stage 4 sleep walking. not acting
restless leg syndrome leg wont stop tingling
rem motor disorder acting out your dreams 2nd part of dream. rem stage
nightmares rem
night terrors during 4 no recollectuon
peter tripp randy garder sleep deprivation caused them hallucinate then make excusus for it
jung dream video all about self. shadow of christ was a penis
madalla drawings circular drawings that people drew when they woke up
anima mens femine side
animus girls manly side
shadow self opposite of yourself
collective unconciousness born with it. same in everyone
personal unconciousness unique to you. tricksters, demons
components of freuds dream battle between id and super ego
types of symbols sexual meaning of the dream
secondary elaboration mirrors of what is going on in real life
condensation objects in people represent more than what we see on the surface
displacement dream about people who we arent angry at to cover up for people who we are.
symbolization referent directly refer to it or demotive does it mean something different below the surface
functions of freuds dreams wishfullment and to keep your sleep
latent meaning of dream
faradays dream analysis dreams remind us and warn us of things
three faces of dreams looking outward is reminders. looking inward is about yourself. looking glass is about others
activation synthesis theory reason why we dream is because the brain just randomly fires. see things and just weave them into a story
hypnosis video radical alteration in waking conciousness. might be able to reduce pain. very suggestible. not clear memories.
roll theory just playing along
state is a special state
disociation theory a little bit of both
hidden observer part of you stays awake and alert. you can raise your hand when someone touches a nerve
posthypnotic amnesia recall something in hypnosis and tell them not to remember
posthypnotic suggestion tell you to remember something under hypnosis like cigarettes will taste like sweet potatoes
psychoactive drugs any drug that effects nervous system
blood brain barrier blood vessels in brain. prevents some drugs
agonist make neurons fire faster
antagonists certain drugs block
psychoactive drug affects on neurotransmitters speed up or slow them down and copy it
opiates slow messages to brain
psychedelics altered experiance. mary and lsd
meditation effects greater feeling of control dont use many drugs
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