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Skills Flashcards

Eluded Evades or exape from danger in a skill full way
Reluctantly With hesitation, doubt or dread
Gallant Brave, heroic
Vital Absolutely necessary or important, essential
Indignant Feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment
Conviction Decision that someone is guilty of a criminal offense
Imploringly To plead with someone for something
Sullenly Gloomy and disatisfied
Garged Consume or eat greadily
Inhalation The act of inhaling something
Manslaughter Committing murder without the infect of actually doing so
Mimicking Imitate or copy
Abruptly Quickly and without warning
Appeal Was pleasing or attractive
Aghast Struck with fear dread
Exploits Use or manipulate to ones advantage
Resemblance Looking like someone or something else
Debating To ingage in argument by discussing opposing point
Aimlessly Without aim
Leerly Cautious or wary due to realistic suspicious
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