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No one had ever caught him in arrears Reeve
He was an easy man in penance giving Friar
Hed sewed a holy relic on his cap Pardoner
He could make songs and poems and recite Squire
His nostrils were as black as they were wide Miller
He liked to play his bagpipes up and down Miller
She certainly was very entertaining Nun (Prioress)
A medal or St. Christopher he wore Yoman
Way rather he preferred beyond a doubt Parson
But still to do him justice first and last Pardoner
His house was never short of bake-meat pies Franklin
Just like a priest in front; his legs were lean Reeve
This pardoner had hair as yellow as wax Pardoner
The cause of every malady you'd got Doctor
I saw his sleeves were garnished at the hand Monk
Loving god best with all his heart and mind Plowman
The he would shout and jabber as if crazy Summoner
Was there; his horse was thinner than a rake Oxford Cleric
She had five husbands, all at the church door Woman
His wits to work , none knew he was in debt Merchant
Speaks French Nun (Prioress)
Reads books and is a nerd Oxford Cleric
Well respected Knight
Rides horse back while he sings Squire
Greedy Pardoner
Smelly from all the work Plowman
Big and tough Miller
Married many times Woman
Created by: lumberteri
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