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Africa Test

Most people in Egypt live ______ near the Nile River
________ of North Africans live in cities. More than half
______ is a great environmental problem caused by erosion in North Africa. Desertification
The Arab Muslims conquered North Africa in the A.D. 600's
One factor in ______________ is the average life expectancy of its people. determining a country's human development index
In North Africa ________ to be part of the Middle East. Egypt is considered
Mount Kilimanjaro is ________ Africa's highest elevation.
The _______________ in Africa is South Africa country with the richest mineral resources
The majority of the Christian population in the region ________ live in the south.
Southern and Eastern Africa is drier and cooler ______. because of its higher elevation in most parts.
People moving into places where animals live can _______. cause them to become endangered
Along the equator in Africa _____________ . the climate is hot and wet
Most _____________ where there is arable land farmers in Chad live in the south
The savannas in Africa are located in the _______. Tropical wet and dry climate zone
Enslaved Africans to the Americas came across the Atlantic by way of the _________. middle passage
European __________ by drawing borders without regard to location of ethnic groups. colonization upset African lives
Cultures of West and Central Africa are a ________. blend of traditional and modern ways
The economic reforms introduced to Ghana in 1981 enabled it ________ more than other nations. to thrive
When the Arab traders came to West and Central Africa to trade salt for gold they also brought with them the ________. religion of Islam
North African cities are growing larger because of _________. urbanization
The ________________ of a country is the value of all the goods and services it produces in a year. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
____ is the separation of religion and government. Secularism
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