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tkam vocab 4


curtness to be short and brief to the point of being rude
flighty foolish or irresponsible
myopic nearsightedness or not being able to see objects clearly
prerogative exclusive right or privilege
soberly seriously
tactful to be able to say the right thing to a person without being offensive
infallible never wrong
acquiescence agreement without protest
affliction a condition
begrudge to feel resentment or disapproval about the fact that they have something
facade the front of a building or the part facing the street
succinct clear and brief
dispel drive away
eccentricities oddities or conventionalities
elucidate explain
acrimonious sarcastic or bitter or nasty
amiably good-naturedly
congenital something that has existed since birth
dogged stubborn determination
gullet throat or neck
speculations thoughts or reflections
tenet a principle or belief generally held to be true
warranted gave a reason for or indicated the need for
chiffarobe a large cabinet with drawers and a place for hanging clothes
tedious boring or tiresome
Created by: rconner
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