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Therap. Modalities

The following Therapeutic effects are for which modality? *JT Distraction, *Soft Tissue stretching, Reduction of disk protrusion, ms. relaxation, jt. mobility. TRACTION
Applies mechanical forces to body to separate jt. surfaces & decreases pressure. Force can be applied manually by PT/PTA or mechanically by machine. Affects many of body's systems & requires ongoing monitoring and reassessment of tx. parameters TRACTION
Electrotherapy: Which modality has following ther. effects? ms. relaxation, decrease muscle spasm, neuromuscular ctrl, decrease accessory ms. use, decrease pain BIOFEEDBACK
What modality of electrotherapy? Technique used to facilitate skeletal ms. activity. Stimulation of an innervated ms. occurs when electrical stimulus of appropriate intensity and duration is administered 2 corresponding peripheral nerve. BIOFEEDBACK
CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR? When motion is contraindicated,jt.instability,tumor,pregnanct,acute imflamm. response, acute pain, osteoporosis, fracture TRACTION
What current is where electrode orientation should be placed parallel to ms. fibers along line of pull of ms. group. Can be mono,bi,quad or multipolar in arrangement. RUSSIAN CURRENT
What current has stimulation with an avg. peak current amplitude of 100 mA, 50 bursts per sec, w/an on/off time ratio of 10/50. Popular training protocol suggests tx. of 10 evoked contractions with a 10 sec., contraction & 50 sec rest period btw 10 contra RUSSIAN CURRENT
Widely used for acute & chronic pain management. Includes obstetrics,TMJ,post-op pain. Main therapeutic effects include relief through gate ctrl theory or endogenous pain ctrl. theory. Portable & indicated for home use. TENS
PTA uses bipolar electrode placement over target ms. Interrupted or surged current utilized w/range of 20-40 pulses per sec. & an on time of 6-10 sec. followed by off time of approx. 50-60 sec. in order 2 avoid immediate motor fatigue. Tx. time is ___? NMES/ 15-20 min
Waveforms-characterized by polarity continuously changes from + to - w/change in direction of current flow. Biphasic,symmetrical or asymmetrical. characterized by waveform that is sinusoidal in shape,used in ms retraining,spasticity, stimulation of ALTERNATING CURRENT
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