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social studies chap


written records difference between prehistory and history
farming and domestication of animals are two major discoveries that separate old stone age from the new stone age
families which increase the population effects of having a surplus of food on both the people population development of cities
average age of humans living in the stone age 20-25
donkeys pigs goats camel horses were all animals that humans first domesticated
artisam is a person skilled in a specific trade or craft
domesticate to tame animals and breed them for human use
nomads are people who move from one place to another place
pre-history is the period in time BEFORE written records
fertile soil is rich with nurients
irrigation supplies land with water
oral are stories passed down by word of mouth
bands prehistoric groups or families of people
specialization is the development of occupations
archeologist are people who study the past and examine artifacts
history are written recouds and other events of people
excavate t odig up
homosapiens are men who think
cro-magnon means modern human beings
paleolithic is a term for old stone age
rivers where people mainly began to settle
bronze more dourable metal
stone age earliest known period of human culture
farming seperates the old and the new stone age
surplus is having an amount that is more than enough
historians studied the past
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