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What dow "WS" indicate here: WS015/27050KT? Wind shear can be expected up to 1,500 feet AGL.
The amount of water vapor which air can hold depends on the: air temperature.
Weather reported as being in the vicinity (VC) is between ___ and ___ statute miles from the reporting station. 5 and 10
Which conditions result in the formation of frost? The temperature of the collecting surface is at or below the dewpoint of the adjacent air and the dewpoint is below freezing.
The PROB modifier will be used when there is a ___ percent chance weather phenomena will occur. 30 to 49
If the temperature/dewpoint spread is small and decreasing, and the temperature is 62 degrees F, what type weather is most likely to develop? Fog or low clouds.
Where does wind shear occur? At all altitudes, in all directions.
The only cloud type forecast in TAF reports is: Cumulonimbus.
In the following TAF, what does "VV" signify? KGEG 241539Z 2416/2512 05003KT 1/4 SM FZFG VV001 Vertical Visibility of 100 feet.
When the phrases "light and variable" is used in reference to a wings-aloft forecast, the coded group and wind-speed is: 9900 and less than 5 knots.
The METAR provides ___. Current weather for an airport within a 5 sm radius.
The type of visibility reported in METARs is the: Prevailing Visibility: Greatest distance that can be seen throughout at least half of the sky.
The two types of METAR reports are: Routine and Special.
Reported winds in a METAR are in reference to: True North
Winds reported as variable (VRB) vary: in direction and are 6 knots or less.
For aviation purposes, ceiling is defined as the height above the Earth's surface of the: lowest broken or overcast layer or vertical visibility into an obscuration.
What is meant by the term "dewpoint"? The temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated.
Which modifier would signify a rapid and lasting change in conditions? FM
It is currently 4:30 PM. The next routine METAR report will be available in ___ minutes. 20-30
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