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How soon after the conviction for driving while intoxicated by alchohol or drugs shall it be reported to the FAA, and which division should this be reported to? Within 60 days to the Civil Aviation Security Division.
What aircraft inspections are required for rental aircraft that are also used for flight instruction? Annual condidion and 100-hour inspections.
No person may operate an aircraft in formation flight: except by prior arrangement with the pilot in command of each aircraft.
A recreational or private pilot acting as pilot in command, or in any apacity as a required pilot flight crew member, must have in his or her personal possession or readily accessible in the aircraft a current: medical certificate if required and an appropriate pilot certificate.
What action is required when two aircraft in the same category converge, but not head-on? The aircraft on the left shall give way.
Except when necessary for takeoff or landing, what is the minimum safe altitude for a pilot to operate an aircraft anywhere? An altitude allowing, if a power unity fails, an emergency landing without undue hazard to persons or property on the surface.
All pilots must have the opportunity for at least ___ hours of continuous, uninterrupted rest during the ___ hours immediately prior to the beginning of the FDP, in accordance with AETCI 36-2205 and AFI 11-22v3. 8, 12
When would a pilot be required to submit a detailed report of an emergency which caused the pilot to deviate from an ATC clearance? Whithin 48 hours if requested by ATC.
When an ATC controller issues the "Cleared for the Option" clearance, the pilot may make: a stop-and-go, a low approach or missed approach, a touch-and-go or a full stop landing.
What documents must be in your personal possession or readily accessible in the aircraft while operating as pilot in command of an aircraft? An appropriate pilot certivicate, photo id and an appropriate current medical certificate if required.
When must batteries in an emergency locator trasmitter (ELT) be replaced or recharched, if rechargeable? When the ELT has been in use for more than 1 cumulative hour.
Each person operating an aircraft at a VFR cruising altitude shall maintain an odd-thousand plus 500-foot altitude while on a: magnetic course of 0 degrees through 179 degrees.
If instructed by ground control to taxi to Runway 8, the pilot may proceed: to the next intersecting runway where further clearance is required.
Doss aircrew shall not consume alchoholic beverages within the ___ hours preceding takeoff and not be under the influence of alshohol or its after-effects. 12
An ATC clearance provides: authorization to proceed under specified traffic conditions in controlled airspace.
With repect to the certification of aircraft, which is a class of aircraft? Airplane, rotorcraft, glider, balloon.
A "Mode C" transponder is required when: entering Class B airspace.
No person may use an ATC transponder unless it has been tested and inspected within at least the preceding: 24 calendar months.
A Third-Class Medical Certificate is issued to a 23-year-old pilot on January 10, this year. To exercise the privileges of a Private Pilot Certificate, the medical certificate will be valid until midnight on: Januare 31, 5 years later.
Which aircraft has the right-of-way over all other air traffic? An aircraft in distress.
Each person who holds a pilot certificate or a medical certificate shall present it for inpection upon the request of the Administrator, the National Transportation Safety Board, or any: federal, state, or local enforcement officer.
When may an emergency locator tranmitter (ELT) be tested? During the first 5 minutes after the hour.
Safety belts are required to be properly secured about which persons in an aircraft and when? Passengers, during taxi, takeoffs, and landings only.
When are non-rechargeable batteries of an ELT required to be replaced? When 50 percent of their useful life expires.
When must a pilot who deviates from a regualation during an emergency send a written report of that deviation to the Administrator? Upon request.
How long does the Airworthiness Certificate of an aircraft remain valid? As ong as the aircraft is maintained and operated as required by Federal Aviation Regulations.
In addition to a valid Airworthiness Certificate, what documents or records must be aboard an aircraft during flight? Operation limitations and Registration Certificate.
Which preflight action is specifically required of the pilot prior to each flight? Become familiar with all available information cercerninig the flight.
If a certificated pilot changes permanent mailing address and fails to notify the FAA Airmen Certification Branch of the new address, the pilot is entitled to exercise the priviledes of the pilot certificate for a period of only: 30 days after the date of move.
What action, if any, is appropriate if the pilot deviates from an ATC instruction during an emergency and is given priority? File a detailed report within 48 hours to the chief of the appropriate ATC facility, if requested.
When must a current pilot certificate be in the pilot's personal possession or readily accessible in the aircraft? Anytime when acting as pilot in command or as a required crewmember.
With respect to the certification of airmen, which is a category of aircraft? Airplane, rotocraft, glider, lighter-than-air
In addition to other preflight actions for a VFR flight away from the vicinity of the departure airport, regulations specifically require the pilot in command to: determine renway lenghts at airports of intended use and the aircraft's takeoff and landing distance data.
With respect to the certification of airmen, which is a class of aircraft? Single engine land and sea, multiengine land and sea.
A student pilot may act as pilot in command of an aircraft: that is carrying required documents.
Flight crewmembers are required to keep their safety belts an shoulder harnesses fastened during: takeoffs and landings.
The final authority as to the operation of an aircraft is the: pilot in command.
With repect to the certification of an aircraft, which is a cetegoty of aircraft? Normal, utility, acrobatic.
Unless otherwise authorized, the maximum indicated airspeed at which an aircraft may be flown when at or below 2,500 feet AGL and within 4 nm of a primary airport of Class C airspace is: 200 knots.
As Pilot in Command of an aircraft, under which situation can you deviate from an ATC clearance? In response to a traffic alert and collision avoidance system resolution advisory.
When two or more aircraft are approaching an airport for the purpose of landing, the right-of-way belongs to the aircraft: at the lower altitude, but it shall not take advantage of this rule to cut in front of or to overtake another.
With respect to passengers, what obligation, if any, does a pilot in command have concerning the use of safety belts? The pilot in command must brief the passengers on the use of safety belts and notify them to fasten their safety belts during taxi, takeoff, and landing.
Where may an aircraft's operating limitions be found? In the current, FAA approved flight manual, approved manual material, markings, and placards, or any combination thereof.
What is the specific fuel requirements for flight under VFR during daylight hours in an airplane? Enough to fly to the first point of intended landing and to fly after that for 30 minutes at normal cruising speed.
The responsibility for ensuring that an aircraft is maintained in an airworthy condition is primarily that of the: owner or operator.
Except when necessary for takeoff or landing, what is the minimum safe altitude required for a pilot to operate an aircraft over other than a congested area? An altitude of 500 feet AGL, except over open water or a sparsly populated area, which requires 500 feet from any person, vessel, vehichle, or structure.
Under what conditions may objects be dropped from an aircraft? If precations are taken to avoid injury or damage to persons or property on the surface.
Except when necessary for takeoff or landing, what is the minimum safe altitude required for a pilot to operate an aircraft over congested areas? An altitude of 1,000 feet above the highers obstacle within a horizontal radius of 2,000 feet of the aircraft.
What action should the pilots of a glider and an airplane take if on a head-on collision course? Both pilots should give way to the right.
Except when necessary for takeoff or landing, an aircraft may not be operated closer than what distance from any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure? 500 feet.
Who is responsible for determining if an aircraft is in condition for safe flight? The pilot is command.
In addition to a valid Airwothiness Certificae, what documents or records must be aboard an aircraft during flight? Operating limitations, Registration Certificate and Weight and Balance.
For VFR flight during the day, the following are required: Fuel gauge, anticollision lights, safety belts, emergecy locator transmitter, and magnetic direction indicator.
With certain exceptions, safety belts are required to be secured about passengers during: taxi, takeoffs, and landings.
Preflight action, as required for all flights away from the vicinity of an airport, shall include: an alternate course of action if the flight cannot be completed as planned.
Which aircraft has the right right-of-way over the other aircraft listed? Glider over aircraft refueling other aircraft over airship
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