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As altitude increases, the indicated airspeed at which a given airplane stalls in a particular configuration will: remain the same as at low altitude.
Operating Limits in knots: Vy (flaps T/O), Vfe (flaps LDG), Vne, Va (1764 lbs), Vno, Vy (flaps CRUISE), Vs1 66, 78, 164, 106, 118, 70, 42
What is the definition of Vfe? The maximum Flap Extended speed.
What is the definition of Vso? The stall speed in the landing configuration.
The altitude at which the maximum rate of climb is 100 ft/min is defined as the: Service ceiling.
What is density altitude? The standard altitude corrected for nonstandard temperature.
A runway that slopes ___ will decrease required takeoff distance when all other factors reain the same. downward
If the atmospheric presure and temperature remain the same, how would an increase in humidity affect takeoff performance. Longer takeoff distance, the air is less dense.
The center of gravity of an aircraft is computed along the: longitudinal axis.
Under what condition is indicated altitude the same as true altitude? When at sea level under standard conditions.
What are the standard temperature and pressure values for sea level? 15 degress C, 29.92 " Hg
The forced landing final approach airspeed with flaps T/O is ___ KIAS. 60
Which combination of atmospheric conditions will reduce aircraft takeoff and climb performance? High temperature, high relative humidity, and high density altitude.
An aircraft is loaded with the CG at the aft limit. What are the performance characteristics compared with the CG at the forward limit? The aft CG provides the lowest stalling speed, the highest cruising speed, and least stability.
The maximum crosswind component for student landings during a dual flight is ___ knots. 15
After takeoff, which airspeed would the pilot use to gain the most altitude in a fiven period of time? Vy
What effect does high humidity have on aircraft performance? It decreases performance.
Which would provide the greatest gain in altitude in the shortest distance during climb after takeoff? Vx
Under what condition is a forward CG most critical? On landing.
Density altitude increases with: increases in temperature and moisture content of the air, and a decrease in pressure.
Vx represents what speed? The best angle of climb airspeed?
Which factor would tend to increase the density altitude at a given airport? An increase in ambient temperature.
Under what condition is pressure altitude and density altitude the same value? At standard temperature.
What is presure altitude? The altitude indicated when the barometric pressure scale in the Krollsman window is set to 29.92"Hg.
Vno is defined as the: maximum structural cruising speed.
What can a pilot expect when landing at an airport located in the mountains? Higher true airspeed and longer landing distance.
What is true altitude? The vertical distance of the aircraft above sea level.
After takeoff, which airspeed would the pilot use to gain the most altitude in a given period of time? Vy
What effect does high density altitude have on aircraft performance? It reduces climb performance.
What is the definition of Vy? The best rate of climb airspeed.
___ altitude is one of the input variables used in the computation of takeoff distances in DA20 performance charts. Pressure
Select the statement that is not correct concerning Maneuvering Speed (Va). Va is the maximum airspeed for normal operations or the maximum structural cruising airspeed.
An airplane that is loaded so that the CG is aft of the CG limit will be: Difficult in recovering from a stalled condition.
Density altitude is determined by correcting: pressure altitude for nonstandard temperature.
What will decrease the landing roll distance? Low humidity.
Which items are included in the empty weight of an aircraft? Unusable fuel and undrainable oil.
Takeoff performance will decrease resulting in a longer takeoff roll, for all of the following except: increasing barometric pressure.
If the outside air temperature (OAT) at a given altitude is warmer than standard, the density altitude is: higher than pressure altitude.
Loading an airplane to the most aft CG will cause the airplane to be: less stable at all speeds.
The forced landing final approach airspeed with flaps LDG is ___ KIAS. 55
What is the purpose of the yellow arc on the airspeed indicator? Indicates the airspeed range which may be utilized only in smooth air, and then only with caution.
___ is the difference between takeoff wight and empty weight. Useful load
An aircraft is loaded with the CG aft of the aft limit. What could happen to controllability? Stall and spin recovery may be difficult or impossible.
What effect will a tailwind have on published landing ground roll distances? Increase
If the CG of an aircraft is moved from the aft limit to the forward limit, how will it affect the cruising and stalling speed? Decrease the cruising speed and increase the stalling speed
What effect does high density altitude, as compared to low density altitude, have on propeller efficiency and why? Efficiency is reduced because the propeller exerts less force
Which statement is true regarding takeoff performance with high density altitude conditions? The acceleration rate is slower because the engine and propeller efficiency is reduced.
What effect will an aft center of gravity (within the Weight & Balance envelope) have on airspeed? An aft center of gravity will allow for a faster airspeed.
What is the definition of Vr? The rotation speed.
Aircraft will not launch when the surface DA exceeds ___ feet. 10,000
Which is the correct symbol for the minimum steady flight speed at which an airplane is controllable in the landing configuration? Vso
What is absolute altitude? The vertical distance of the aircraft above the surface.
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