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Maximum allowed weight in the baggage compartment of the DA20? 44 pounds
The red line on the air speed indicator represents the... Never-exceed speed
Filling the fuel tank at the end of the day prevents... Condensation
Vfe represents maximum flaps-extended speed
When the flaps of the DA20 are in the LDG position, they are extended _____ degrees 45
Flying through the rain in the DA-20... reduces aircraft performance
On the airspeed indicator, the point where the green meets the yellow is the... maximum structural cruising speed
A higher oil and cylinder head temperatures can be caused by using fuel that has a lower specified fuel rating
An altimeter change from 30.11 to 29.96 will cause what change in indication? 150 feet lower
Which systems are connected to the pitot-static system? Airspeed, altimeter, vertical speed, and transponder mode C
The mixure control is part of the... engine driven fuel pump
Normal cylinder head temperature operating temperature is... 300 to 420 degrees F
A turn coordinator provides an indication of... movement of the aircraft about the yaw and roll axes
to recieve accurate indications from a heading indicator... the indicator must be periodically realligned with the magnetic compass
the yellow on the air speed indicator represents the... caution range
what power source spins the gyro in the attitude indicator? the vacuum system
the proper adjustment to make on the attitude indicator during level flight is... the miniature airplane to the horizon bar
which color identifies the power-off stalling speed with wing flaps and landing gear in the landing configuration? the lower limit of the white arc
if the ignition switch ground wire becomes disconnected, the magneto may continue to fire
a circuit breaker may be reset how many times? once
an altimeter change from 29.15 to 29.85 will show what change on the altimeter? 700 foot increase
how should a pilot determine the direction of bank from an attitude indicator by the relationship of the miniature airplane to the deflected horizon bar
The normal operating fuel pressure of the DA20 is... 3.5 to 16.5 psi
Air enters the vacuum system from... through the air filter behind the left side of the intrument panel
one purpose of the dual ignition system on an aircraft engine is to provide... improved engine performance
Which instruments use a gyro? Attitude, heading, and turn coordinator
what power source turn the gyro on the turn coordinator? the electrical system
excessively high engine temperatures will... cause loss of power, excessive oil consumption, and possible permament internal engine damage
What power source spins the gyro in the heading indicator? the vacuum system
an abnormally high engine oil temperature indication may be caused by the oil level being too low
What is one procedure to is in cooling an engine that is overheating? Enrich the mixture
Air cooled engines are especially dependent on... the circulation of lubricating oil
Which instruments are connected to the vacuum system? Attitude indicator and heading indicator
What color identifies the power-off stalling speed in a specified configuration? the lower limit of the green arc
The maximum speed for the airplane in smooth air is represented by... the red line
if the engine oil and cylinder head temperatures have exceeded their normal operating range, the pilot may have been operating with... too much power and the mixure set too lean
On aircraft with an auxiliary electric driven fuel pump, the electric fuel pump is used... in the event the engine driven fuel pump fails
What actions can a pilot take to aid in cooling an engine that is overheating during a climb? Reduce the rate of climb and increase the airspeed
An electrical system failure would result in... avionics equipment failure
What color on the airspeed indicator represents the normal flap operating range? The white arc
To properly purge water from the fuel system, drain the... fuel strainer and fuel tank sumps
The pitot system provides impact pressure for which instrument? Airspeed indicator
What should be the first action taken after starting an aircraft engine? Adjusting for proper RPM and check for desired indications on the engine gauges.
The maximum speed with flaps extended is represented by the... Maximum range of the white arc.
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