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chapter 9

chapter 9 vocabulary

conquistador name for the Spanish laimed land in the americans for spain exsplorers who claimed land in the amerians for spain
caudillo a lation american dictator
pampas a grasslands region in argentina and urguay
cay a small low island or coral reef
coral the rocklke skeletons of tiny sea animals
tropical storm with winds of at least 39 miles per hour or gain Evan more power
hurricane with winds of at least 74 miles per hour
Elinor El nino warms the pacific waters of the coast of Peru
canopy the upper most layer of forest were tree branches meet
mestizo a person of mixed eurpean and native american heritage
mulatto a person of mixed african and european anestery
traditional economy an econonomac system in wich families are produce goods and servics for thier own use with little surplus and echanvd of goods also know as a sjbsistence economy
market economy an economic system in wich decisions abou production price and other economic factors are determined by the laaw of supply and demand
GDP per capita the total value of goods and services produced with in a country in a year divided by the countrys total population
command economy an economic systems
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