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JPC SCC Who Said...

Sociology Exam#1

Who Said ...Quote
Gerhard Lenski believes society and technology accounts for social changes and societal evolution
Karl Marx believes society in conflict accounts for social change and societal evolution
Max Weber believes the power of ideas shapes society and accounts for social changes and societal evolution
Emile Durkheim believes how traditional and modern societies hang together accounts for social changes and societal evolution
Gerhard Lenski What Holds Societies Together: a shared culture
Karl Marx What Holds Societies Together: elites force an "uneasy peace"
Max Weber What Holds Societies Together: rational thought and large-scale oraganizations
Emile Durkheim What Holds Societies Together: specialized division of labor
Gerhard Lenski Are Societies Improving: modern technology offers expanded human choice, but leaves us with new sets of dangers
Karl Marx Are Societies Improving: social conflict would only end once production of goods and wervices were taken out of the hands of the capitalists and placed into the hands of all people
Emile Durkheim Are Societies Improving: optimistic about modernity and the possibility of more freedom for individuals, but concerned about the dangers of anomic feelings
Max Weber Are Societies Improving: saw socialism as a greater evil than capitalism, as large, alienating bureaucracies would gain even more control over people
Created by: jpclark