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Ancient Egypt Unit

Study of ancient Egyptian culture

places in the Nile where the river is full of rocks cataracts
represents an entire royal family dynasty
the flood that used to cover Egypt once a year Inundation
shelter on the roof of a house kiosk
triangular shaped land great for farming delta
rectangular building over a tomb mastaba
process used to preserve the dead mummification
long shaft of stone, usually very tall, with a pyramid-shaped top obelisk
used by Egyptians for mixing paints, inks and eye-paint palette
an attempt to recreate something as it was in the past reconstruction
a sacred beetle scarab
small magical buried with dead person to work for him in the next world Shabti or Ushabti
title given to nobleman who, in the old and Middle kingdoms, governed districts of Egypt known as nomes. Nomarch
Name the Greek historian is stated "Egypt is the gift of the Nile". Herodotus
Which two rivers create the Nile White Nile Blue Nile
T/F -The Nile overflowed without the existence of modern dams. True
T/F - After the Inundation the land was covered with rich red soil. False - black soil
Name the god of the Nile. Hapi
T/F - Fish and birds were valuable sources of food. True
Name the god of the Sun. Ra
T/F - The Nile flows south to north. True
T/F - Men tossed grain in the wind to remove husks. True
___________ and ____________ were basic items in the Egyptian diet. Bread and beer
T/F - Cooking was done over an open fire so meat roasted on spits or stewed in a cooking pots. True
T/F - Egyptians drank milk, water, beer and wine. True
T/F - Men and children spent much time on the roof where it was cooler. False - women
T/F - In the countryside, land was scarce so houses were narrow and crowded. False - In towns
T/F - Cedar and ebony were used to make luxury furniture. True
What was linen used to make? Egyptian clothing
Kohl was used to paint ____________. eyes
T/F - Only women wore earrings, rings, bracelets and anklets. False - men and women
Wrestling and _______________ were popular. swimming
Dolls and ______________ seem to have been especially popular. leather balls
What does "per aa" mean? Great House
Which term means chief minister? Vizier
Name the king that united Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt? King Menes
Name the sky god that appeared as a hawk that protected young princes. Horus
Name the god of the dead. Osiris
T/F - Egyptian children died young. True
Name the people that introduced the horse and chariot to Egyptians. Hyksos
This term means copper weights. deben
Name the animal used to carry goods and supplies. donkeys
Name the job that was greater than other office. Scribee
T/F - Daughters of craftsmen were expected to follow the same profession as their fathers. False - sons
Painters and ____________ had to obey very strict rules. sculptors
T/F - Egyptians used cranes and pulleys. False
T/F - The pyramids of Giza were the largest and most carefully built of all pyramids. True
T/F - Ordinary people were allowed the temples. False - priests
Name the jealous person that murdered Osiris. Set, his brother
Name the hiding place for the tomb of King Tuthmosis. remote valley at Thebes
This pharaoh had the smallest tomb in the royal valley. King Tut
Name the god that weighed the heart of a dead man against a feather. Anubis
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