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Pathology Mid

chaps 1-4, 11-12

Paget's disease metabolic disorder
Paget's disease cause unknown
2 characteristics of paget's early, osteolytic stage, late osteoblastic stage
paget's most common in elderly
hyperparathyroidism abnormally hyperactivity of parathyroid glands
hyperparathyroidism causes... which in turn... excess hormone production...overstimulates osteoclasts
enchondrom benign growth of cartilage arising in metaphysis
4 causes of hypoxemia -toxic gas/smoke inhalation -high altitudes -hypoventilation -impaired diffusion
cystic fibrosis generalized disorder resulting from genetic defect, effecting exocrine gland function
bronshiectasis chronic dilation of bronchi with inflammation and destruction of bronchial walls and cilia
respiratory distress syndrome disorder of premature infants causeed by incomplete maturation of surfactant producing system
what type of pneumonia is streptococcal pneumonia bacterial
legionanaires disease sever bacterial pneumonia
example of fungal disease histoplasmosis
how does cystic fibrosis affect lungs accumulation of thick mucus
sarcoidosis condition of unknown origin, associated with pulmonary fibrosis
hyaline membrane disease aka respiratory distress syndrome
pleural effusion collection of fluid in pleural cavity
pulmonary edema replacement of air with fluid in lung interstitium and alveoli
ET tube stands for endotracheal tube
ET tube in relation to carina superior
TB affects ...of lungs apices
TB caused by (specific) AFB-Acid Fast Bacillus
Miliary TB appearence millet seed, small, white grains
Pulmonary metastasis appearence cottonball
2 ways TB bacteria is spread -sputum -airborne droplets through coughing
Lung characteristic of COPD rounded costaphrenic angles
anthracosis aka black lung disease
anthracosis results from prolonged inhalation of coal dust
3 regulations of thyroid gland -BP -tissue growth -tissue development
Purpose of central venous pressure (CVP) lines check patient status faster
purpose of pulmonary artery catheter evaluates cardiac function
Pulmonary artery catheter aka Swan-Ganz catheter
Hickman catheter accesses catheters inserted via subclavian vein
hemothorax pleural effusion containing blood
sinusitis fluid in sinuses
hemoptosis spitting of blood
hematemesis vomiting blood
antrum bottom part of stomach near pyloric sphincter
enteroclysis small bowel enema
mesentery holds... to ... intestines to posterior abdomen
omentum holds... to ... organs to stomach
treatment of spasms during barium enema glucagon
meckel's diverticulum found in the ileum of small bowel
anastamosis point of resection
radiographic string sign regional enteritis
schatzki's ring indicative of sliding hernia
atresia congenital abscence or closure of body orifice/tubular organ
colon cancer indication apple-core
chron's disease begins at terminal ileum
crohn's disease aka regional enteritis
ulcerative colitis aka lead-pipe syndrome
ulcerative colitis begins in rectum
clay shoveler's fx avulsion fx of spinous process
clay shoveler's fx location (2) lower cervical and upper thoracic region
clay shoveler's fx often results from whiplash
trimalleolar fx -tib -fib -tallus
intertrochanteric fx posterior to neck of femur
bone with red marrow spongy/cancellous
yellow marrow located in medullary cavity
Pott's fx fx involving both maleoli with dislocation
Addison's disease caused by adrenal insufficiency
hyperthyroidism aka Grave's disease
2 other names for hypothyroidism thyroiditis Hashimoto's disease
hyperparathyroidism affects...ratio calcium/phosphate
achalasia results in failure of esophageal sphincter to relax
fatigue fx strain
colles/smith fx distal radius
colles posterior wrist
smith anterior wrist
monteggia's fx proximal-third of ulnar shaft with anterior dislocation of radial head
ankylosing spondylitis spinal rheumatoid arthritis
osteopetrosis appearence marble bone
silicosis inhalation of dust
silicosis appearence eggshell calcifications
maisonneuvve fx severe ankle strain with fx proximal third of fibula
posterior fat pad indicates underlying fx
posterior fat pad contains 2 blood fluid
Leforte maxillary fx
spondylolysis breakdown of vertebrae between superior and inferior articulating processes
spodylolysis visualized on an oblique
spodylolysis affects scotty dog
spondylolisthesis forward displacement, usually l5 s1
ewings sarcoma primary malignant bone tumor arising in medullary tissue
impacted fx fx at both ends
Albers-Schonberg disease common form of osteosclerotic osteopetrosis
Jefferson fx 1st cervical
Hangman fx 2nd cervical
salter-harris fx epiphyseal
bennett dislocation of carpometacarpal joint(thumb-saddle joint)
transverse fx fx at right angles to axis of bone
osteochondritis of epiphysis of tibial tuberosity osgood schlatter's disease
tumor neoplastic disease
parts of vertebrae Bad Posture Throws Lumbar Spine Body Pedicle Transverse process Lamina Spinous process
torus fx greenstick fx in which cortex bulges outward
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