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Speech Ch. 8

Vocabulary from Ch. 8

Emotion appiness The body's multidimensional response to any event that enhances or inhibits one's goals.
Mood A feeling, often prolonged, that has no identifiable cause.
Happiness A state of contentment, joy, pleasure, and cheer.
Love The emotion of caring for, feeling attached to, and feeling deeply committed to someone.
Passion A secondary emotion consisting of joy and surprise, plus experiences of excitement and attraction and for another.
Liking A positive overall evaluation of another person.
Anger An emotional response to being wronged.
Contempt A feeling of superiority over, and disrespect for, others.
Disgust A feeling of revulsion in reaction to something offensive.
Jealousy The perception that existence or the quality of an important relationship is being threatened by a third party.
Envy The desire for something another person has.
Sadness Emotion involving feeling unhappy, sorrowful, and discouraged, usually as a result of some form of loss.
Depression A physical illness involving excessive fatigue, insomnia, changes in weight, feelings of worthlessness, and/or thoughts of suicide of death.
Grief The emotional process of dealing with profound loss.
Fear The mind and body's reaction to perceived danger.
Amygdala A cluster of neurons in the brain that largely controls the body's fear response.
Social Anxiety Fear of not making a good impression on others.
Action Tendencies Biologically based motives toward specific behavioral responses to emotions.
Valence The positivity or negativity of an emotion.
to mimic the Distinct emotional experiences not consisting of combinations of other emotions.
Secondary Emotions Emotions composed of combinations of primary emotions.
Meta-Emotion An emotion about emotion.
Display Rules Unwritten codes that govern the ways people manage and express emotions.
Emotional Contagion The tendency to mimic the emotional experiences and expressions of others.
Emotional Intelligence The ability to perceive and understand emotions, use emotions to facilitate thought, and manage emotion constructively.
Emotional Reappraisal The process of changing how one thinks about the situation that gave rise to a negative emotion so that the effect of the emotion is diminished.
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