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Lumbar Sacrum Coccyx

Textbook of Radiographic Positioning and Related Anatomy Ch 9 Self Test

Compared with the spinous processes of thecervical and thoracic spine,the lumbar spinous porcesses are:
The anterior/superior redge of the upper sacrum is called:
Each sacroiliac joint opens obliquely _____° posteriorly
The angle of the midlumbar spine zygapophyseal joints in relation to the midsagittal plane is:
The zygapophyseal joints of the lumbar spine are classifieds are _____ joints with _____ type of joint movement.
The ear and front leg of the "Scottie Dog" make up the _____ joint, best seen in the oblique position.
What topographic landmarks corresponds to the L2-L3 level?
True/False: It is possible to shield females for an AP projection of the sacrum of coccyx if the gonadal shields are correctly placed.
True/False: The female gonadal dose is approximately equal for either AP or PA projections of the lumbar spine.
Why should the knees and hips be flexed for an AP projection of the lumbar spine?
True/False: A lead blocker mat for lateral positions of the lumbar spine should not be used with digital imaging.
True/False: The efficiency of CT and MRI of the spine is reducing the number of myelograms being perfomed.
Anterior wedging and loss of vertebral body height are characteristics of:
What condition is often diagnosed by prenatal ultrasound?
True/False: Ankylosing spondylitis usually requires an increase in manual exposure factors?
Where is the crntral ray centered for an AP projection of the lumbar spine with an 11 x 14 inch IR?
Which set fo zygapophyseal joints of the lumbar spine is best deonstrated with an LAO position?
How much rotations of the sine is required to demonstrate the zygapophyseal joint space between L1-L2?
Describe the body build that may require central ray angulation to open the intervertebral joint spaces with a lateral projection of the lumbar spine, even if the patient has some support under the waist.
What type of central ray angulation should be used or the lateral L5-S1 projection if the waist is not supported?
True/False: A kV range of 90 to 100 kV can be used for a lateral L5-S1 projection when using a digital imaging system.
Which projection or method is designed to demonstrate the degree of scoliosis deformity between the primary and compensatory cures as part of a scoliosis study?
Which projections are designed to measure mobility of the vertebral column at the site of a spinal fusion?
Where is the central ray centered for an AP projection of the sacrum?
What two things can be done to reduce the high amounts of scatter reaching the IR during a a lateral projection of the sacrum and coccyx?
Why should a single lateral projection of the sacrum and coccyx be performed rather than separate laterals of the sacrum and coccyx?
True/Falase: The pelvis must remain as stationary as possible when positioning for teh hyperextension and hyperfelxion projections.
A radiograph of an AP projection of the lumbar spine reveals that the sacroiliac(SI) joints are not equidistant from the spine. The right ala of the sacrum appears wider and teh left SI joint is more opent than the left. Which specific positioning error
A radiograph of an LPO projection of the lumbar spine reveals that the downside pedicles are projected toward the posterior aspect of the vertebral bodies. What must be done to correct this error during the repeat exposure?
An AP projection of the sacrum reveals that the sacrum is foreshortened and the foramina are not open. What positioning error may have led to this radiographic outcome?
A patient with a possible compression fracture of L3 enters the emergency room. Which projection(s) of the lumbar spine best demonstrates the extent of this injury?
A patient with a history of spondylolisthesis of the L5-S1 region comes to the radiology department. What basic and special projections shoudl be included in this study?
A study of the sacroiliac joints demonstrates that the joints are not open and the upper iliac wings are nearly superimposing the joints. The tech performed 35° RPO and LPO positions with a perpendicular CR. What can be done to open the joints?
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