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What screening practices should you perform to test tuberculosis? Screening: PPD, chest x-ray, sputum ( coughing)
If positive tuberculosis test what is the treatment? Therapy 6 months to 2+years; in order to kill bacteria in body
What are Isoniazid[INH]? bactericidal
Isoniazid[INH] blocks what? Blocks vitamin B6 myobacteria rapidly acquire resistance to drug.
What is considered as the most useful antiTB drug? Isoniazid[INH]:
What is the most most common adverse reaction for Isoniazid[INH]? peripheral neuropathy
What is the most common side effect for Isoniazid [INH]? Hepatotoxicity
Rifampin causes ___ tract upset and _____? GI tract upset & rashes.
Rifampin Turns body fluid ______color? orange-red color
Rifampin is giving with______? Isoniazid
Rifampin and use of alcohol increases risk of ________? drug-induced hepatitis
Pyrazinamide[PZA]: is ______ & ______________abosrbed orally, and distributed freely to ____ tissues. rapidly & completely absorbed orally, distributed freely to most tissues.
Pyrazinamide[PZA] is effective only against _______ and often causes _____pain mycobacteria; joint pain
Are there any contraindications for Pyrazinamide[PZA] No
Ethambutol is _____ bacteriostatic
Ethambutol is _____ absorbed? really absorbed;
Ethambutol is only effective against ______ mycobacteria
Ethambutol can cause ___ Optic neuritis
Resistance to Streptomycin builds Resistance develops quickly if used alone.
What route do you administer Streptomycin IM only
What are the adverse effects for Steptomycin Adverse reactions same as other aminogylcisides.;
When do you use Steptomycin? To use on people that are resistant in taking meds
Capreomycin, para-aminosalicyclic acid[PAS],cycloserine, kanamycin & ethionamide are _____ drugs. Secondary drugs
Capreomycin, para-aminosalicyclic acid[PAS],cycloserine, kanamycin & ethionamide are ____ effective & ____ toxic than 1st line drugs Generally less effective & more toxic than 1st line drugs
Capreomycin, para-aminosalicyclic acid[PAS],cycloserine, kanamycin & ethionamide are used to treat ______ severe pulm TB and disseminated infection.
Secondary drugs are Always employed in conjunction with 1st line drug
What are the major care implications for Evaluating treatment Identifying high risk clients Administration of 1st line meds Minimizing adverse effects of 1st line meds Minimizing adverse interactions of 1st line meds
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