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Yin Supplementing

Materia Medica III

Yin supplementing substances typically go to which 4 organs? LU - ST - LV - KD
Are yin supplementing medicinals warm or cool? They are cool-cold, sweet, and moistening
Name 3 life exposures that can damage yin. Diet - emotion - age - alcohol - medications - severe exposure - birth - stress - constitution
Because yin supplementing medicinals are typically __________ they are inappropriate for those with vacuity of the ___/___. Cloying and inappropriate for SP/ST vacuity
KD essence is the root of ___. Qi
Dry cough, loss of voice, hoarse voice, thirst, dry throat, dry skin & spitting of thick sputum... Lung yin vacuity
Lack of appetite, vexation, thirst, dry mouth, and constipation... Stomach yin vacuity
Diminished visual acuity, dry, dull eyes, night blindness, dizziness, tinnitus and dry nails with low grade fever... Liver yin vacuity
Dizziness, tinnitus, weakness of lower back and knees, warm palms and soles, low grade fever in afternoon, decreased sexual function, scant dark urine, red & dry tongue, and a fine forceless pulse... Kidney yin vacuity
Diabetes mellitus with juvenile onset begins under age 25 and involves absolute insulin insufficiency is type 1 or type 2? Type 1
Diabetes mellitus due to inadequate insulin production (or utilization), insulin resistance is type 1 or type 2? Type 2
Which 5 yin supplementing substances produce fluids & treat hot & dry Lung? Shā shēn - Mài dōng - Tiān men dōng - Yù zhú - Bǎi hé
Which yin supplementing medicinal clears the LU to transform phlegm, but is stronger in it's function to engender liquid and boost the ST? Bei Sha Shen, Glehniae Radix
Of the Sha Shen herbs, which transforms phlegm to stop cough, generates fluids, clears heat and moistens the exterior? Nan Sha Shen, Adenophorae Raix
Which Sha Shen herb is better to moisten? Bei Sha Shen, Glehniae Radix
Mai Men Dong, Ophiopogonis Radix clears LU _______, engenders ST __________, and clears the HT to eliminate ___________. clears LU heat, engenders ST (yin)liquid, and clears the HT to eliminate vexation.
Does Tian men Dong or Mai Men Dong enrich KD yin and downbear vacuity fire? Tian, Men Dong, Asparagi Radix
In addition to clearing LU & KD heat while nourishing yin, Tian Men Dong is slippery, and thus has what indication? Treat constipation
Which yin supplementing medicinal extinguishes wind, moistens sinews, allays thirst and is neither cloying nor does it retain evil? Yu Zhu, Polygonati Odorati Rhizoma
Yu Zhu is often used with Sha Shen. (true or false) True
Mai Men Dong is less cloying than Tian Men Dong. (true or false) True
Which yin supplementing medicinal clears ying level HT heat and wei level LU heat? Bai He, Lilii Bulbus
Bai He is used with Ma Huang in Bai He Di Huang Tang to treat lingering heart heat. (true or false) False (Bai He and Sheng di Huang)
Which 6 yin supplementing medicinals nourish stomach yin and engender liquid? Bei Shā shēn - Nan Shā shēn - Mài Men dōng - Tiān Men dōng - Yù zhú - Shí hú
Which yin supplementing medicinal nourishes the ST and engenders liquid, supplements KD yin essence and clears heat? is very gummy and can trap evil. Shi Hu, Dendrobii Herba
Which yin supplementing medicinal is comparable to Tian Hua Fen? Shi Hu
Which 4 yin supplementing medicinals specifically nourish the kidney yin and clear vacuity heat? Tiān Men dōng - Shí hú - Mò hàn lián - Nǚ zhēn zǐ
Which yin supplementing medicinal stops bleeding, cools the blood, blackens hair, clears damp heat from the genitals and enriches the LV & KD? Mo Han Lian, Ecliptae Herba
Which yin supplementing medicinal is Cold, Sweet and Sour, it is "pure yin and cold"? Mo Han Lian
Which yin supplementing medicinal brightens the eyes, blackens the hair and supplements the LV & KD? is not cloying. Nu Zhen Zi, Fructus Ligustri Lucidi
Er Zhi Wan (Two Ultimate Pill) contains which two substances to serve in tonifying the KD for low back and knee pain, to fortify the sinews and bones and to blacken hair? Nu Zhen Zi & Mo Han Lian Cao
(Bie Jia or Gui Ban)is green, nourishes LV & Sp, invigorates Blood, unblocks vessels, channels & collaterals and enriches yin & subdues yang. Bie Jia, Trionycis Carapax
(Bie Jia or Gui Ban)is black, nourishes KD, heavily anchors yang, benefits bones, weak legs, fontanel closure, nourishes blood; secures chong & ren, cools blood stops bleeding, apply to non healing sores Gui Ban, Testudinis Plastrum
Which yin supplementing medicinal is used primarily to supplement the blood, it also brightens the eyes, moistens the LU, supplements the LV & KD, and enriches yin? Gou Qi Zi, Lycii Fructus
Which yin supplementing medicinal enriches blood first and yin second, it also serves to moisten the intestines, engender liquid and allay thirst? Sang Shen, Mori Fructus
Which yin supplementing medicinal boosts qi, supplements KD essence to slow aging, supplements the SP, enriches the KD and moistens the LU? Huang Jing, Polygonati Rhizoma
Which yin supplementing medicinal increases lactation by boosting essence and blood, nourishes blood, extinguishes wind, moistens intestines and supplements the LV & KD? Hei Zhi Ma, Sesami Semen Nigrum
Which yin supplementing medicinals enter both the LV & KD? Mo Han Lian - Nu Zhen Zi - Gui Ban - Bie Jia - Gou Qi Zi - Sang Shen - Hei Zhi Ma - Chu Shi Zi
Which yin supplementing medicinal nourishes LU yin to treat consumption cough and nourishes ST yin, generating fluids? is often eaten in a soup. Yin Er, Tremella
Which yin supplementing medicinal reduces edema via urination, clears the LV to brighten the eyes, and tonifies the LV & KD? Chu Shi Zi, Broussonetiae Fructus
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