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Digestive System

Digestive System Study Guide

What are the six functions of the digestive system? Ingestion, Mechanical Processing, Digestion, Secretion, Absorption and Excretion
What are the four steps in digestion? 1. Crushing and grinding 2. Chemical Breakdown 3. Extracting material 4. Removal of water
What are the three main glands that deliver fluid to soften food? Salivary Glands
What is the name of the trap door that covers the trachea to prevent food and fluids from draining into the lungs? Epiglottis
What is the name of the muscular tube that takes the food to the stomach? Esophagus
The contraction of the muscles to move the food along the digestive tract is called what? Peristalsis
What are the three parts of the small intestines? 1. Duodenum 2. Jejunum 3. Iluem
Which part of the small intestine does the break down of food continue? Duodenum
What organ is called the body's sugar control board? Pancreas
Which organ produces bile? Liver
Where does bile get stored in our bodies? Gall Bladder
This part of the digestive system has no postive function? Appendix
This is also know as our colon? Large Intestines
What are the three main parts of our colon? 1. Ascending 2. Transverse 3. Descending
Where do we store the waste in our digestive system? Rectum
Where does digestion begin? Mouth
What is the fluid called that is released from three glands found in our mouth? Saliva
Which of the six nutrients are started breaking down from the saliva? Carbohydrates
Are the muscle contractions called pertistalsis voluntary or involuntary? Involuntary
The digestive juices in our stomach contains what very strong acid? Hydrochloric Acid
How long are the small intestines? 7 meters (21 feet) - Adult 4 meters (12 feet) - Child/teen
Bile is a substance that breaks down which nutrient? Fat
The pancreas produces enzymes that help break down which nutrient? Protein
Which nutrient is absorbed in the bloodstream as it moves through the large intestine? Water
Which part of our digestive system is also known as the UPS system? Large Instestines
What is the name of the valve found at the top of the stomach? Cardiac
What is the name of the valve found at the bottom of the stomach? Pyloric
How long is the colon? 2 meters
What condition causes a burning sensation in the Esophagus? Heart Burn
What is the condition called when the Appendix becomes inflamed and could burst? Appendicitis
What is the condition called when the intestines push stools through the bowel before the water in the stool can be reabsorbed? Diarrhea
Created by: raydavis