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Unit 4 Hist. Test

Unit 4 Hist. Test 11/12

Why is the year 1787 significant to American History? Constitution was ratified
What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? Little national power; too much state power
The three-fifths compromise at the Constitutional Convention concerned what major issue? Representation and taxation of slaves
What was the result of the Great Compromise? Small states are happy because in the Senate every state is equal.Large states are happy because House of Representatives is based on population. Bicameral Legislator.
Which colonial grievance led to the third amendment in the Constitution? The colonists would not house or feed soldiers.
The Philadelphia Convention of 1787 is considered apart of what era? Confederate to Constitution
The Federalist Papers were written in support of what issue? Ratifying the Constitution
In return for their support of ratification of the Constitution Anti-Federalist insisted upon what being placed in the Constitution? Bill of Rights
What right is guaranteed protection by the fourth Amendment to the Constitution? Scizure
1st Second Continental Congress meets
2nd British forces are defeated and the Revolutionary War ends
3rd Philadelphia Convention begins
4th Election of first President of the United States
"for transporting us beyond the seas to be tried for pretend offenses", How did the Founding Fathers address this colonial grievance in the Constitution? Amendment 6-the right to a speedy, and public trial
Powers granted by the Articles of Confederation War,peace,sign treaties, issue money,Each state had one vote in Congress,Gave the states the power to set taxes,enforce national laws,control land west of the Appalachian Mountains
Strong National Government James Madison and Alexander Hamilton
Weak National Government Patrick Henry and George Madison
"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent",what freedom expressed by the Constitution is Thomas Jefferson speaking of? Freedom of Speach
How did the 1st Amendment to the Constitution address the issue regarding religion? Freedom of Religion
During the Constitution Convention the Virginia plan called for what proposal? Legislative branch based on population;3 branches of government and a bicameral legislator
What was the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut and why are they important? They were the fist written Constitution and set the stage for a representative government
Federalism Shared powers between Federal government and state government
Washington's assistant,member of the Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention,1st Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton
Republic Power rests with the people and they elect representatives to govern for them
Confederation League of friendship between the states united for a common purpose
Monarcy Ruled by one person
What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called? Bill of Rights
How does the Constitution provide for the government to be checked and balanced? It has 3 branches,not allowing one branch to overpower the other
Created by: jrpeeler