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ZZZ PHR2 midterm

ZZZ PHR2 Midterm pharmacy law SJVC modesto Ms.B

word/phraseletter. answer
NDC Y. unique product code. identifies the manufacturer, distributor and formulation, size and type of packaging
legend drugs K. drugs that require prescriptions
retail GG. includes chain, independent, & franchise
pharmacist N. authorized to order C-II medications
dependable, trustworthy, accuracy X. standards for a pharmacy technician
NKA EE. no known drug allergy
patient confidentiality BB. can not exhibit, discuss, or reveal the contents of any prescription, the therapeutic effect, nature, extent, or degree of illness suffered by any patient
intern pharmacist P. individual who has not taken the pharmacy board exam & works under a pharmacist
pharmacy technician O. individual under the supervision of the pharmacist who performs packaging, manipulative, repetitive, or other non-discretionary tasks in relation to the pharmacy
intern pharmacist VS. pharm tech T. difference between is: consults patients, takes new prescriptions over phone VS not being able to
JCAHO DD. joint commission on accreditation of health care organizations
hospital formulary Z. list of drugs stocked at the hospital selected based on therapeutic factors and cost
scheduled drugs U. requires DEA 222 form to order
license Q. what a person needs to become a CPHT in california
unit dose J. a package containing the amount of drugs required for only one dose
DEA form 224 E. forms that a pharmacy needs to dispense controlled substance
TID A. it means "three times a day"
QS II. quantity sufficient
"OTIC" means JJ. for the ears only
FDA G. agency who approves all new drugs
"OPTH" means AA. for the eyes
franchise VS independent C. difference is paid advertising
brand name H. if doctor wrote for brand and you fill with brand & I. if doctor wrote for generic and you fill with brand
generic name L. if DR wrote for brand and you fill with generic
pharmacy cashier V. beginning stage of working in a pharmacy
SIG B. it means "directions"
1 ML F. 1CC
independent pharmacy HH. locally owned pharmacy
USP 797 W. regulations issued by US pharmacopeia requiring hospitals, nursing homes & etc. to follow strict policies in sterile preparations
NPI R. unique national identification number required for all health care providers
pharmacist VS pharm intern S. difference is: oversees the pharmacy, verifies medications, holds key
HIPAA M. federal act that protects the privacy of individual from sharing health informations
DNS FF. it means "do not substitute"
consultation window CC. where patients are consulted about medications & OTC products
homecare pharmacy KK. allows the patient to be at home & a nurse checks on him/her
homecare VS hospital D. difference is: contact with patients over the phone, medications delivered by the nurse or drivers VS no contact with patients
list 4 pharmacy technician competencies: 1. brand generic indication knowlege 2. accuracy math wise 3. knowlege of law 4. multi task/ dependable
according to mosby's give the 7 "rights of patient" 1. the right medication 2. the right dose 3. the right route 4. the right time 5. the right price 6. the right dosage form 7. the right patient
which of the following is a C-IV medication? ( lorazepam )
give the contents of monograph or package insert 1. side effects 2. drug interactions 3. dosage forms 4. indications 5. warning
Created by: victorSJVC08



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