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Random vocab.

Stack #139726

prenotare to look, to reserve
svegliare to wake
li' there
forse perhaps, maybe
iscriversi to enroll
sbrigarsi to hurry
riposarsi to rest, to sleep
divertirsi to enjoy
altrimenti otherwise
restare to stay, to remain
occorrere to be necessary
davvero? really?
centro commerciale shopping mall
pantaloncini shorts
lasciati andare to let yourself go
capitare to happen
la corona crown
la copertina cover
restituire to give back, to return
dimenticare to leave, to forget
discutere to discuss, to question
accanto a near, beside
sinestra left
destra right
produrre to produce
tradurre to translate
potere to be in power, to be able to
ruiscire to turn out, to succeed
trascorrere to spend, to pass
trasmettere to pass on, to send
burro di arachidi peanut butter
salsa di yogurt sour cream
Created by: annikajensen